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Book Review: Secret Keys to Preparing for a Glorious Marriage

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Book Review: Secret Keys of Preparing for a Glorious Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

Book Review: Secret Keys to Preparing for a Glorious Marriage

Book Title: Preparing for Marriage

Author: Bisi Adewale

Genre: Christian Literature

Publisher: Living Home Venture

Number of Pages: 130

Year of Publication: 2015

Book Review: Secret Keys of Preparing for a Glorious Marriage-dailyfamily.ng

Preparing for Marriage is hinged on the quote “if you don’t prepare, you will have many things to repair.” This implies that there is a place of preparation for a true heaven on earth marriage and Preparing for Marriage spells out the necessary preparation in clear, lucid and simple language.

Bisi Adewale, the author of Preparing for Marriage, engages the reader with a thought-provoking outline of the types of preparation that many intending couples make which are: “zero preparation,” “inadequate preparation,” “adequate preparation” and “don’t prepare in marriage; prepare for marriage.” From these types of preparation for marriage, the outcome of a marriage with zero, inadequate preparation is predictable as many couples with ill-preparation stumble and fall continually in the marriage.

The importance of preparing for marriage is summarized in “lack of preparation is the cheapest way to destroy a home.” (12). In essence, when a couple fails to prepare for marriage it is an easy way to destroy their home. And when the home is destroyed, the whole heart of the human society is bridged, for the home is the basic unit of the society.

Therefore, in Preparing for Marriage, Bisi Adwale, stitches the various fundamental preparations that inform the bedrock of a heaven on earth marriage, even at the beginning, mid-years and the later years of the marriage. Preparing for Marriage complements other titles such as 100% Marriage and Fight for that Marriage by the same author, Bisi Adewale.

With compelling levels of preparation for marriage such as “attitudinal preparation”, “moral preparation”, “character preparation”, “emotional preparation”, “social preparation”, “lifestyle preparation” amongst other forms of preparation, Bisi Adewale, in Preparing for Marriage bursts the bubbles of many intending couples with “your character is your marriage and the best character is the one that grows out of the fruit of the spirit.” (41). It then implies that preparing for marriage starts basically from personal development. And the character growth is enshrined in the fruit of the spirit.

Also, emotional preparation is a precursor to a great marriage. And “a marriage lacking emotional intimacy will become empty, lifeless and the husband and wife will gradually drift apart, becoming familiar strangers in their own home.” (61). With this apt explication of the place of emotion on the success of a marriage, creating joy through Christ in marriage must come from “you” (bringing) “it (joy) into your home. Don’t wait for your spouse to make you happy; you may be disappointed if you do.” (65).

Essentially, Preparing for Marriage is poised to trigger challenging questions that bother on marriage in the lives of intending couples and singles in the society. Well, you may assume that preparing for marriage is all about having money and a shelter as a man, or perhaps, you may even think that love always conquers everything in marriage as a lady but this concise Christian pre-marriage counselling book, Preparing for Marriage, is a necessary guide for you to know how to prepare for your marriage.

Therefore, next time you go on a rendezvous with your intending spouse, pick a copy of Preparing for Marriage and read it to each other under the clear open sky and you will see a transformational miracle in your relationship life.

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