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BOOK REVIEW: Ten Commandments for Wives

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BOOK REVIEW: Ten Commandments for Wives

Author: Bisi Adewale

Genre: Christian Literature

Publisher: Living Home Venture

Number of Pages: 105


Ten Commandments for Wives spells out ten fascinating pearls of wisdom for wives to thrive in their homes. With an in-depth “First Word,” Ten Commandments for Wives is foregrounded in “it is easier to heal a broken bone than to restore a broken home.”

These words capture how a home can become a cancerous body when it is broken.  Yet, strictly following the rules that govern the wives in their homes appear to be the crux of this important book.


Each commandment in the book is an experience, a deep reflective journey into the world of wives. The first commandment, “Thou shalt not fail to turn your house into a home for your God and your husband,” is the basic ingredient for a successful marriage for wives in the home.

This first commandment is similar to the first commandment for husbands in Ten Commandments for Husbands, “thou shall not fail to enthrone God in your home.” This implies that there is the God factor for every successful marriage, be it the man or the woman. And again, when God is removed from the foundation of the home, the home is bound to crumble with time.


The biblical principle that governs a Christian home is the template that Bisi Adewale uses to explicate the wisdom that wives ought to have to ensure that they have a home governed by God. These commandments range from “Thou shalt not fail to look good,” “Thou shalt not commit your man into the hands of your housemaid,” “Thou shalt not turn your mother-in-law to your enemy,” “Thou shalt not fail to be a good cook,” “Thou shalt not fail to submit to your own husband,” Thou shalt not fail to satisfy your husband sexually.”

In as much as husbands are enjoined to love their wives, the wives are asked to submit themselves to their husbands. Bisi Adewale describes a woman without a head as “a monster” and he says that “a house where the woman rules is a home without a ruler.” (52). In essence, a woman must “learn to submit to (her husband) him.”


Submission, in Bisi Adewale’s words, is “giving yourself to be trampled upon, giving your right when you have the power to fight for it.” (53). This definition of submission hence contradicts the ideology of feminism which is being propagated in today’s world.


Bisi Adewale expressly identifies eight (8) “elements of submission” as a parameter to measure a wife’s submission. He further illustrates how the submission of the wife works with a practical “Submission Tests.” Moreover, respect, which is a subset of submission, is something husbands cherish but lack of it can lead to “evil cycle in matrimony.”


What Bisi Adewale has done in Ten Commandments for Wives is to bring the wives into perspective just as he has done with the husbands in Ten Commandments for Husbands. This book serves as a balanced diet for couples who are kin on fighting and winning the battles of their marital life.

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