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Broke Women: Why Young Men Should Avoid Dating Them

by Okechukwu Liberty

Broke Women: Why Young Men Should Avoid Dating Them

The notion that broke people shouldn’t be in relationships needs to be extended to women as well. And here’s why:

You are not obligated to date women who are reliant on you. In a relationship, it is not your responsibility to look after anyone’s needs. There is no romance without money.

That, as corny as that may sound, is the harsh reality. To pulse with sufficient excitement, every marriage and relationship requires money.

To set the record straight about what it means to be broke. There isn’t a common standard for it, in my opinion. It’s more of a personal definition than something that has an equal impact on everyone. So the plan is to establish a personal standard and exclude those who do not meet it.

That said, I don’t think it’s improper for women to criticize people who can’t afford the simplest things, especially if such a man also lacks the needed amount of effort. It only makes the curving a lot simpler if the individual in issue has a lousy, retrogressive, narrow mentality.

Everyone has goals and relationship needs, and I understand the reluctance to date a guy who will make a relationship excessively tough due to financial concerns.

However, this isn’t to mean that all ‘broke’ guys should be curved. It’s fine to curve guys because they’re broke, and it’s also fine to be with a broke guy if you believe in his objectives and are confident in his ability to get out of that stage in the not-too-distant future.

Anyone who is broke, stingy, and has a poor work ethic and mindset should not feel bad about being curved.

So, no matter how attractive, light-skinned, or thick-skinned a woman is, she should not be broke.
This, I believe, is the problem: women are uncomfortable with hearing the truth. But, just as women have the freedom to decide whether or not a man is broke and unsuitable to be in a relationship with them, males have the same freedom.

Not only do they have the freedom to think this, but they also have the freedom to express it.

Take, for example, this intriguing tweet from 2017, in which a user declares that he will not date a lady who does not earn at least N200K per month and is frequently roasted by women.

For far too long, many women have been rewarded only on the basis of their gorgeous bodies and appealing looks.
As a result, it appears that the reality of millennials deliberately seeking productive women and really imposing a financial threshold on them isn’t settling well with some.

More young people in our generation prefer financially balanced relationships in which neither party bears the other’s burdens.

What’s more, guess what? It’s quite OK if a woman prefers to focus entirely on slaying and shining her beautiful face and ignore anything else. There is still a market for women who are dependent.

“…there are still men who adore trophy wives and stay-at-home moms, but they are dwindling and becoming increasingly rare with each passing Saturday.”
“Times have changed, and the days when more men didn’t mind having women completely reliant on them are long gone.”

A woman who has something going for her appeals to the modern man. If that thing is substantial, that will be fantastic.

It’s also quite acceptable for a man to pursue a lady who will contribute to his financial well-being and independence.

This isn’t to say that males don’t have obligations in the home that are typically a man’s. I oppose any sort of wokeness that absolves males of their financial responsibilities in marriage and family.

Please, while you put financial pressure on these women, don’t forget to pamper them rotten with the best stuff and regularly blow their minds.
Simultaneously, because many modern women [and, happily, men] want their marriages to be governed as partnerships, women must recognize that being financially solid is one way they may contribute to that partnership.

Apart from that, there are a number of well-known benefits to owning your own money, including power, autonomy, independence, respect, and financial freedom.

It’s now 2022 and a lot has changed. A growing number of women are rejecting the concept of marrying and foregoing their professions to do so.

Many millennial women will never be able to endure being full-time housewives, and these are all excellent options. Losing yourself or your individuality for the sake of a marriage or relationship is never a good idea.

It is perfectly acceptable for a man to snub you if you are broke or do not match his needed criteria of not being broke, just as these are quite cool.

More males, including this author, are toeing this line.

So, instead of moaning and complaining about men who are vocal about wanting nothing to do with broke babes, concentrate on bettering yourself and earning your own money so that you will be better prepared for a relationship/marriage and will not be that girl who is easily bought, swayed, or convinced solely by money or material things.

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