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Buhari Vs Jonathan’s Speech: Nigerian Youths React

by O. S David

 Buhari Vs Jonathan’s Speech: Nigerian Youths React

Buhari has come under the hammer of Nigerian youths over his slipshod remark at the Commonwealth of Nation in London. As a result of the derogatory remark of the President against Nigerian Youths, angry youths, or well, concerned Nigerians, have dug up the remarks of the Former President of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, in comparison with the present outburst of the President Muhammadu Buhari.

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You will be stunned at the completely opposite direction of these two Nigerian Leaders, as regards the position of the Nigerian Youths in nation-building.

And to burst your bubbles, Jonathan and Buhari were speaking to an International audience on both occasions.

From Buhari;

“More than 60 percent of the population is below 30, a lot of them haven’t been to school and they are claiming that Nigeria is an oil producing country, therefore, they should sit and do nothing, and get housing, healthcare, education for free.” – President Buhari

“Many Nigerian youths are lazy, want everything free” – President Buhari April 17, 2018 (Speaking at the Commonwealth Business Forum in Westminster)


Here is from Ex-president Goodluck Jonathan;

“I believe in the Nigerian youth and indeed African Youths. My conviction is not only an emotional one but one grounded in my experience with youths from all over the continent.”

”Genuine search for development and sustainable peace must, therefore, begin with youth empowerment and entrepreneurship” – Ex-President Goodluck Jonathan (speaking at University of Oxford on October 24, 2016)

Here are they and afterwards, we have the reactions of the Nigerian youth:


Dr Jonathan: “I believe in the Nigerian youth and indeed African Youths. My conviction is not only an emotional one, but one grounded in my experience with youths from all over the continent.” The difference is clear.
One is Dr Jonathan the other is Malam Buhari (of NEPA certificate fame)

 dasanchez1: the difference is clear.. if you know, you know

fallout87: Huge difference. Buhari is Nigeria’s biggest error

muykem: Buhari is absolutely correct and sincere. We need to change our mentality and improve ourselves. You all know the truth, how many of you wrote WAEC, GCE, UME on your own?

Viicfuntop: Seriously, who are the weirdos on this forum that are going to vote for this man?

simplemach: can you compare a primary 6 certificate holder and a PhD holder? 
I call on the wrath of God on anybody who played a part in bringing this curse on Nigerian youths.

FrenchWay: The Hausa people are the laziest in the world.
The women don’t work.
The men hardly can perform for more than 2minutes…it is a known fact. 
All the lazy guys do is hawk ‘maganin Burantashi’
Cus all the Hausa man wants to do is to have sex with minors.
They are all ghost workers.
Now I know where and why the president drew his conclusion.

Ijaya123: As Buhari has once again embarrassed & disgraced his own country at a global forum, it is now crystal clear why he is not allowed to engage the media at home because there is a disconnect between his views & happenings in the land, hence his reckless statement anytime he speaks without a script. 
Three years running now and not a single media chat. A president who doesn’t know that his IG flouted his order. 
We obviously have a president who is not in charge.




















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