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Building good friendship, a catalyst to the top

by Family Center

So many people today have suffered negative effects which emanated from association with ill-mannered friends. Unfortunately, people who found themselves in such situation have mostly resolved to never be vulnerable again. In other words, they have decided not to keep friends.

In life, the fact remains that people will hurt you definitely, in any way they can. This is true because humans are naturally selfish and imperfect. However, the importance of friendship cannot be overemphasised. A careful selection of your network of friends will go a long way in helping you achieve some set goals you might not be able to achieve on your own.

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Do you know that in life, your relationship with people is everything? Truly, personal relationships are the fertile soil from which advancement and success in real life stem from.

Keeping all dick and harry that comes your way is not what we are trying to teach you, but building a good friendship base such that will make your life better than you have it. Your reference group is defined as the people you consider yourself to be similar to. For instance, if you belong to a church, the members of that church are your reference group.

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Building good friendships might just be all you need to land that big business deal, that good job or seeing an important person with beneficial inputs to a certain project of yours.


Honestly, the place of greatness and good friendship cannot be overemphasized. What really matters is your ability to build up your values and affect people with similar values.

Remember that friends are virtually everything. Your friend might know someone who will give you a waiver on what seems so hard for others to achieve over a course of time, but then you can’t afford to be in the wrong company as friends can actually be a catalyst to you becoming worthless as well.

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