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Can Kiss Determine A Good Marriage Partner?

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Can Kiss Determine A Good Partner?
Since the world is now phantoming that a kiss on the lips makes the most romantic mortals happy, some have sort all means to engage in that method. Even many movies to this day choose this show of affection as the peak of their stories.

So far so good, but what about you, are you the type that thinks a kiss reveals whether you and your partner has chemistry or not? Well, if the answer is yes, know you are right.

Well, at least according to a British study, which evaluated men and women deeply, coming to the conclusion that a potential partner is one who knows how to kiss. What types of kiss do we have and which can he healthy for you and your partner?

Well, according to such study, if the kiss is not good, probably the relationship and even sex will not please much. For such research has concluded that it is in the kiss that chemistry proves to be a precedent for refining and tuning intimate relationships, both physical and emotional.

What’s more, a simple kiss can make both men and women want to start a relationship by recognizing that there is chemistry between them, and not only that, the taste and smell of the mouth can help to determine if the relationship can work.

A study was conducted with 900 adults, male and female, and published in the scientific journal Archives of Sexual Behavior. Here is a review of what they have to say.

kiss on the mouth
Um … but is there an ideal kiss? Well, a good kiss has the power to be more persuasive than any word or attitude. In fact, the important thing is to try to adapt to the way the partner kisses. The tip is to pay attention and see how you can respond in the best way possible.

And another interesting piece of information pointed out by the research is that those who consider themselves more attractive or have had other relationships ends up selecting a boyfriend better, evaluating through a simple kiss if the relationship has or not chances to be carried forward.

The spider man’s kiss
As you can see, a kiss is not just a simple kiss, because according to the same research, kissing well ends up being a prerequisite for those who intend to leave for sex, that is, a kiss already implies if the couple has Chances of getting a good understanding of sex.

Anyway, now you already know the power of a good kiss, then … capriche in hygiene and good kisses !!!

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