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How you can be a woman after God’s heart- Pastor Bisi Adewale

by Adenike Akindude
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Pastor Bisi Adewale, The family coach and founder of Family Booster Ministries spoke about how a woman can be after God’s heart.

He taught about this while ministering at the just concluded Terrific Sister’s Retreat, one of the special programs for women organized by the Ministry.

The Bible text was taken from Acts of Apostles chapter 13 from verse 21 to 22

What does it mean to be after God’s heart?

  1. To do what pleases God. Doing what God pleases means you do what he likes. God sees your heart. Find out what are those things God likes, Do what God likes, Say what God likes. Women are born to teach and to raise good children.


  1. To go deep with God. Genesis 5:24 Enoch walked with God, walking with God simply means you are walking in righteousness and holiness. Psalm 23 shows four stages of walking with God, they are:
  • Pasture stage
  • Water stage
  • Restoration stage
  • Righteousness stage

Psalm 23:3b says He leadeth me in the path of righteousness for His name’s sake. The righteousness stage is the deepest stage of walking with God. At this level, God is the only one that takes the glory For His name’s sake).


  1. A Life without offence. 2 Corinthian 6:3-5 Think positively, deal with offence, clear your heart. Refuse to take offence with people that will get you angry, do not allow offence in your heart. Those that will offend you the most are those that are close to you.


  1. Be a worshipper, not a complainer


  1. Have a wholesome tongue. Job 27:4 Psalms 34:17. To be deceitful means you don’t mean what you say and you don’t say what you mean. Another word in the bible for deceit is Avoid gossip, Thinking right and speaking right.


  1. Have a teachable Spirit. Proverbs 9:9 Proverbs 9:13. “When you become unteachable, life is finished with you”. The principal person in learning is the Teacher. How fast you are growing depends on how many teachers you have.

Life has two words attached to it- Growing and Dying. Don’t be tired of learning.

Something great about winners is the ability to learn.

“When you are coach less, you are lifeless” Get intimate with your leader.

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