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Care of the kitchen sponge

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Care of the kitchen sponge
The sink sponge, as many people usually say, is a very small object, but it can be a great villain for the health of the whole family.

A sponge can have millions of bacteria and fungi. Learn how to clean the kitchen sponge, increase durability and prevent contamination.

Paying special attention to this utensil makes all the difference in the kitchen from anywhere: home, restaurant, hospital, school, snack bars. Sponges need special care with cleaning.

The sponge is the object that is in contact with the fungi and bacteria of the sink, if it is not cleaned correctly it ends up contaminating the objects that have contact.

What is the ideal time to use a sponge?
Time will depend on frequency of use, but we usually know when it’s time to switch.

Biomedical Roberto Martins , also known as Dr. Bacteria, said that a sponge can be kept in use for up to a week, provided that it cleans properly. Other experts said it could be for a fortnight.

How should it be cleaned?
There are several ways to keep the sponge clean.

Thoroughly wash the sponge with running water and soap. Place the clean sponge inside a pan so the water is already boiling for two minutes, and leave the sponge in boiling water for ten minutes.

Wash the sponge with running water and soap. Let the sponge a little moist, wrap it in a paper towel, put it inside a saucer and take it to the microwave for two minutes at maximum temperature, and see the sponge material.

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Thoroughly wash the sponge with running water and soap. Put the sponge dipped for fifteen minutes in bleach. Then let it dry.

After putting the sponge to dry, store it in a dry place. Cleaning this sponge can save your family from a generalized virus, which we often do not know where it comes from.

Another tip
Avoid washing the board that cut the meat with the sponge.

The habit of sanitizing the sponge can increase the health of your family.

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