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Check out some soaps recipes to make at home

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Check out some soaps recipes to make at home
Do you want to enjoy several types of soap making from bar to liquid? Then we have some here for you.

1. Glycerinated soap with herbs: this recipe is very simple and natural, not taking lauryl nor dyes. To do so, you will need only the base of glycerin, essence and herbs of your own. The result is a transparent bar, with the herbs appearing inside the soap.

2. Anti-acne soap with marigold : in this recipe you learn how to make a natural soap recommended to help combat blackheads and pimples. Only four ingredients are needed and the recipe yields two bars, which can be retained for up to six months.

3. Rosemary soap: This is a bar soap made from rosemary essence, coconut oil and olive oil. Preparation requires double caution by containing caustic soda as one of the ingredients. The revenue yields about 16 units.

4. Organic Soap: Here you find two recipes for handmade and organic soaps, one for hibiscus and one for oats. The day is to use an organic base for the preparation; If not found, the product may be replaced with glycerin.

5. Soothing Soap: This soap is made from carrots, honey, propolis, cornmeal and laurel. The result is a very yellow bar soap and it promises a natural soothing effect.

6. Exfoliating moisturizing soap: For this soap you will need only a moisturizing oil, liquid soap and sugar. The preparation is also very simple, just mix the three ingredients. As the preparation is practical, you can do the mixing every time you use or make in larger amount to save (use a pot with lid, in that case!).

7. Exfoliating oatmeal soap and honey : with natural ingredients, this is an exfoliating bar soap. The ingredients include oat flakes, honey, essences, glycerin and lauryl.

8. Exfoliating soap with clay : also in bar, this recipe requires few ingredients – glycerin, sulfur clay, honey and essence. The indication is to use to do a deep cleansing on the skin and then apply a moisturizer.

9. Exfoliating Soap with Oats : For this recipe you will need a glycerin soap, oat flakes, body oil and moisturizing cream. The result is a bar soap that, in addition to exfoliating, moisturizes the skin. The glycerin soap can be replaced with beeswax.

10. Liquid Fennel Soap: Water, coconut soap, salt, lemon peel and fennel are the necessary ingredients for this liquid soap recipe. The tip is to leave the mixture resting in a closed pot for a week before use.

11. Basic Handmade Soap: This is the basic recipe to make any handmade bar soap. With this base, you can adapt and add ingredients to achieve the type of soap you want.

12. Fennel Soap: Glycerinated base, essence and fennel seeds are the main ingredients of this soap recipe. The preparation is simple and you can add dye to a colored bar.

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