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Check out what happens to you when you work too much

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Check out what happens to you when you work too much
Working is inevitable for life. Without work we can not maintain the minimum necessary to live. It’s really essential, but what’s the limit of healthy work? Is there a limit?

Incredibly, one of the countries that work the most (hours/week) is Japan. There already exists even the name for those who die from overwork, Karoshi, and the rate of death by Karoshi is something of great concern.

The culture of overwork, for long hours a day, is misleading. Evidently, the people who show themselves most capable of taking on more important functions, hierarchically speaking, are those who respect their working hours and are more rested, according to research.

Consequences of overwork
In addition to losing important family time, the compulsive worker also loses health, productivity, and creativity, and risks being affected.

Nowadays, with technological advances, excessive work does not only occur inside the walls of the office, they advance places and times through emails and instant messages that can be answered in any place through a simple cellular device, the consequence of a hirperconnectivity.

It’s time to stop!
It takes a lot of self-control to determine and fulfill only the hours needed for the job. For those who suffer from excessive hours worked, it may be necessary first to set a goal and begin to fulfill it little by little.

Seeking other things to complete your day can be an important way to slow down and achieve a better quality of life. A good tip is to enroll in a gym, this way you will still be able to take care of your health.

Getting out of work at the right time and turning off the mobile device after a certain amount of time can also help those people who can not disconnect from their duties while being home surrounded by their family.

Some companies have already realized the risk that their employees are running with excessive time dedicated to work and have begun to limit the use of emails after a certain time of day to just change this bad habit.

If you have been working too hard, in or out of the office, it’s time to review your concepts and take better care of yourself, after all it’s no use working too hard if you do not have the time to enjoy life.

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