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Child In A Car: Safety Precautions

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Child In A Car: Safety Precautions
Being able to provide rides with children in the car on both fast routes and on trips is very satisfactory. This, coupled with the practicality of using the car in the routine full of activities of a child, makes parents do not give up taking their children everywhere in this mode of transportation.

However, care must be taken to transport children in the car in the right way, not only to comply with legislation, but to ensure traffic safety.

According to the Ministry of Health, traffic accidents are the leading cause of death among children and adolescents between one and 14 years of age in Nigeria, and much of the lethal nature of these accidents to this group is due to the inadequate way many children are still Carried in cars.

Protection of children in the car
Nigerian legislation requires, in addition to the adult safety belt, the use of safety devices for children, as they have some structures still in formation and may suffer greater damage in accidents if they are not adequately protected.

The indicated devices that can save the lives of the children are the already known seats, also called ASI, Child Safety Seats, that must be used in any routes, regardless of the distance to be covered.

Many parents think that the mechanisms required by law are an excessive protection and that if the driver is prudent, there will be no brakes and sharp curves or beats and therefore the ASI are expendable.

But it is important to understand that these safety seats not only serve to protect children in the event of an accident, but also to prevent people from being exposed to dangerous situations during the journey by opening doors and windows, Standing, circling or leaving the interior of the car, or even moving the steering wheel or gearbox, for example.

The use of the safety seat is as important as keeping the car organized and without dangerous sharp objects near the children.

Anyone who violates the law, traveling with children in the car without the ASI, is subject, by the Nigerian Traffic Code, to high fines and loss of seven points in the driver’s license.

How to properly use Child Safety Seats and protect children
There are three types of seats that can ensure the safety of children: baby comfort, strollers and lift seats. According to the Nigerian Society of Pediatrics, to choose the correct seat is necessary to consider the weight and age of the child:

Baby Comfort: It protects children weighing under nine pounds and under one year of age and should be stuck in the car through the seat belt, in the back seat and positioned with their back to the windshield.

Car seat: it should be used by children who can sit alone, at least one-year-old, and are held in the back seat of the car by the seat belt, positioned in front of the car.
There are adaptive seats that can be used initially in the same way as the baby’s comfort at first and then in the position of the seat;

Seat lift: are for children over 18 pounds, but who still need a bracket that adjusts the position of the three points of the belt on the body.

Not using the seats is tantamount to neglecting the child’s need for safety, which may constitute child maltreatment.

Therefore, do not let yourself be carried away by the child’s dissatisfaction with the use of this device, because, although slightly uncomfortable, it is a guarantee of safety and good education in traffic.

Children who use safety seats will probably be responsible adults who will understand the importance of seatbelt as well.

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