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Children protest against Kanu’s alleged illegal detention in Aba

by O. S David

Children protest against Kanu’s alleged illegal detention

-Ojo Oluwasegun

Children from the Abia South senatorial district of Abia State yesterday took to the streets of Aba protesting the continued detention of the leader of pro-Biafra group, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu and a proposed secret trial of the separatist leader.

According to report the children, converged around 9.30am, marched through parts of Ariaria Market, Okigwe road and other adjoining sections of Aba town and terminated the rally at about 1.30pm.

It was gathered that the children demanded that due process of law be followed in the trial of Kanu, also stated that judicial procedures should not be altered or changed in any bid to convict the IPOB leader.

The IPOB group through it Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful has commended the organisers, children and families that took part in the protest.

He said the protest was against the secret trial and illegal detention of Kanu and others who had been illegally detained since 14th October 2015 in Kuje Prison Abuja.

Said he: “The children’s peaceful rally in Aba today is a lesson to the Nigeria government and those who are sabotaging the struggle for the liberation of Biafra. The spirit of Biafra is now hovering everywhere around the world, turning good people towards Biafra restoration and no man born of a woman can stop the liberation of the good people of Biafra.”

He stated that the children’s rally in Aba will soon go round Biafraland in solidarity to their leader Nnamdi Kanu and the restoration of the Biafran nation.

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Added that a women rally may follow the children’s protest, Powerful said, “Also women in Biafraland should prepare for the women’s rally and peaceful protest against the Sharia law and secret trial pronounced by Binta Nyako and for the restoration of Biafra.”

Meanwhile, IPOB has identified with the Pro-Democracy group Concerned Nigerians and the lead activist of the truncated #Freennamdikanu march in Abuja, Prince Deji Adeyanju for his exceptional bravery and courage.

The group said: “What he has done by his actions goes to show that if many people stand up for the truth together at the same time, there won’t be any space in Africa for tyranny and repressive regimes like the one people are forced to endure under this intellectually and morally bankrupt government of President Muhammadu Buhari.

“The concerted fight against the rights of individuals, the endless humiliation of those unfortunate to find themselves in Nigeria by the security agencies especially the police and DSS under the watch of this present tyrannical northern dominated APC government, coupled with docile … judiciary must be brought to an end.

For injustice to end the entire population must rise as one to reject it as Deji Adeyanju has tried to do.”

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