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How to Clean Your Kitchen Deeply

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Deeply
Preparing meals, small snacks, cakes, sweets and treats for the family is something that is part of the lives of many housewives. However, for all these tasty things to offer even more health, you need to keep the kitchen, where it is prepared, clean and sanitized.

Clear strictly the kitchen every week is something necessary and vital, after all food preparation requires hygiene, but during the other days of the week is essential to keep it always clean. For daily hygiene care, avoid leaving the sink dirty and full of dishes, wash, dry and store the dishes.

The floor should also be cleaned every time the kitchen is used to prepare a meal for that, a cloth moistened with a cleanser of your choice is enough. Always clean the cooker after using it.

Already on the day of the cleaning, separate the necessary materials and hands to the work.

Start by the ceiling, wrapping a clean cloth on a squeegee or broom, it is possible to clean the ceiling and those corners where it can gather dust.

The tiles need to be cleaned because grease from the preparation of food greases these coatings. A sponge dampened in a cleanser and detergent does the job well. Rub the sponge on the tiles and in those more difficult places, you can rely on the broom wrapped in damp cloth.

After wiping them well and drying with the help of a cloth, you can still sprinkle some alcohol so that they are well sanitized.

The cabinets are a chapter apart. They should be cleaned inside and out. To do this, a cloth or sponge moistened with water and detergent and then a dry cloth help ensure that your cabinets are well cared for.

Refrigerator and stove are also part of the cleaning. Clean the refrigerator on the inside every fortnight with a damp cloth. Removable shelves can be washed with water and detergent and thoroughly dried before returning to the inside of the refrigerator.

The stove can be cleaned with the help of the soft part of the sponge, while the oven has those specific cleaners for this function.

However, care must be taken to maintain contact with this product, it is a very potent fat cleaner, use gloves and be very careful. Air cleaners and scrubbers also need cleaning, use the sponge with detergent and dry well afterwards.

Do not neglect the microwave. Remove the dish and wash it in the sink with soap and water. Inside the appliance, a soft sponge moistened with water will do a good job. Then dry it with a dry cloth.

Wash the sink thoroughly with soap and water. For the nooks and crannies, have a toothbrush just used for this function, and after the well cleaned sink, dry it well.

To the floor, a mixture of water, detergent and your favorite scented cleanser. Wipe thoroughly with the help of a broom so that all the fat is removed, remove with water and dry with a dry cloth.

At least once a week it is important to do the cleaning of the kitchen floor with soap and water to eliminate all the dirt, on the other days do not neglect, a cloth dampened with the fragrant cleanser needs to be used.
Also clean the doors and windows and all kitchen furniture, tables, chairs, shelves.

Keeping the kitchen always clean and organized, the day dedicated to “cleaning” it will be easier. With this very clean environment, you can do with tranquility all those delicious dishes for your family.

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