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Cod liver oil: good source of vitamin A and D for children

by Adenike Akindude
Cod liver oil: good source of vitamin A and D for children-dailyfamily.ng

It is important for mothers to know the importance of giving their children cod liver oil because it contains high amount of vitamin A and D.

Vitamin A is important in a child’s growth as it aids their good vision and healthy bone growth. Vitamin A also helps to keep infections away from children.

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Vitamin A promotes the health and growth of cells and tissues in the body of a child, especially those in their hair, nails, and skin.

Cod liver oil also contains vitamin D which helps your child to absorb minerals like calcium. Vitamin D helps your child to build strong bones and teeth.

Why most children don’t like the taste of cod liver oil is the taste because it usually taste like fish but this has been solved as Biosea cod liver oil which has been sweetened for them to enjoy.

According to dailyfamily.ng report, biosea cod liver oil has a pleasant taste that makes it easy for you to feed your children with cod liver oil.

Cod liver oil good source of vitamin A and D for children.dailyfamily.ng

Biosea cod liver oil

Deficiencies of both vitamins A and D in your child pose a lot of danger for that child like unhealthy bones, deformity and other health risks.

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