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Colours For Your Children’s Room Decoration

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Colours For Your Children’s Room Decoration
According to the specialist, when it comes to choosing the colors it is very important to listen to both parents and children, as they will spend more time inside the environment.

“The color should be defined taking into account the taste of the small client, avoiding the use of tiresome colors, very strong, seeing the room as a whole. It is necessary to try to understand what the profile of the child, their temperament and use a color that fits the characteristics of each one, “explains Ana Lucia.

Vivid colors
By being cheerful and reminiscent of the children’s universe, vivid colors are great options for more relaxed environments. The tip of the designer Ana is to bet on the primary colors (red, yellow and blue).

However, he warns: “Its use must be ruled, excesses tire and excite too much. We should give preference to a white base, walls or furniture and color the fabrics and objects and some architectural detail. “That is, the secret is to intercalate brightly colored objects with neutral elements.

Pastel shades
The pastel shades are very welcome in children’s environments, because they bring warmth and lightness to the environment. According to Ana Lucia, they are easy to use and favor the creation of calm and classic environments.

The pastel colors can be variable of all the alive tones, just choose the one that more matches with the decorative line defined for the room. Baby blue, pink ballerina, coral and light variations of green, purple and yellow are good choices.

Neutral colors
“They are perfect to be used as a basis for decoration. White and beige allow for boldness in accessories and coatings, “says Ana.

In addition to the greater freedom to choose accessories and decorative complements, the neutral tones prolong the life of the room, avoid fatigue with colors and facilitate decorative changes of the environment. But remember, a touch of color always does well (even more so if it’s children’s environments); if it’s not on the wall, invest in souvenirs or other colorful elements.

Another option for coloring or decorating the walls are the wallpapers. The tip is to invest in soft colors in the case of large prints and when choosing strong colors opt for smaller prints, not to load the environment or limit the application of other decorative elements.

An alternative not to mistake the wallpaper is to apply it on only one part of the wall, so the environment becomes lighter and the chances of the child getting sick of the print diminish.

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