Nigerian Comedian, Fortune Ebisine, popularly known as Shakara D 1st spoke with in an exclusive interview where he shared his views about marriage and divorce.

“We Comedians Understand the Craft, when it Comes to Marriage”-Comedian, Shakara D
Shakara D 1st

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Shakara D 1st who has been married to his beautiful wife for the past four years said in this interview that comedians hardly divorce their spouses because they seem to understand the craft in marriage.

Here is the full interview:

Can we meet you?

My name is Fortune Ebisine from Burutu Local Government in Delta.

How did you come about the name Shakara?

The name, Shakara, is a fusion of various names of my family members combined together.

Why did you choose comedy?

It’s one thing I have always wanted to do. It started way back in primary school, where I will crack a joke unconsciously in a conversation and my peers will laugh out so loud. And I will be like is it this thing I just said that is cracking you people up? I went to Torufa primary school Warri, as time went on I graduated and went to Domingo’s Secondary School, Warri. Back in secondary school, Ogus baba was the president of a literary art guide club, Pladds club which also had Akas Baba who works with Maxilla FM Port-Harcourt, I met them since then.

So, basically, you were surrounded by comedians since childbirth?

Yes, it’s so from birth till present. I actually studied Political Science

Do you have any plans to venture into politics in future?

Yes, but not now. I think we are the new face of politics who will rebrand the face of Nigerian politics, we are warming up.

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How did your family take your decision to go into comedy?

Well, my father didn’t take it lightly. According to him, what on earth will I be doing standing in public and talking aimlessly with people looking at me? In my first event, I was paid fifty thousand Nigerian Naira! You know then, fifty thousand which was in twenty-naira denominations looked like five hundred thousand Naira then. And my father was doubtful of the source of the money. According to him, the money cannot be given to you for just talking, he actually went ahead to investigate and after investigation, he then came to terms with the reality of how lucrative the comedy business was, and he then gave his consent to it, provided I wasn’t doing anything illegal.

“We Comedians Understand the Craft, when it Comes to Marriage”-Comedian, Shakara D
Shakara D 1st

How did you meet your wife?

I met my wife in 2013. I actually met this girl in a very funny and unlikely scenario. After the January 1st show headlined by Alibaba, I decided to travel to Warri to see my family, then I actually went to see a friend whom I had offended in the past and as God will have it, I saw my wife in the process. I saw my wife in a very natural state, like no makeup and all that. On seeing her, I knew verily that this is actually my wife. I have been praying fervently before now that God should give me my spouse. My friend actually did the introduction and the rest was history.

When did you marry her?

I actually got married to her that very same year. Yes, o! I met my wife February 2013, we got married September.

The same September is my wife’s birthday, we wedded September 28, in both traditional and white wedding.

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Was it planned?

No actually, it just happened. I think it was just God because I didn’t actually plan getting married that year, but everything just happened immediately.

Is she from Warri too?

Yes, she is Isoko.

How do you settle your differences?

Well since I was a child, I grew up seeing my parents in harmony, I hardly see them quarrel, even when they quarrel, they settle it amicably. One thing I understand about marriage is understanding, marriage has to do with that. Sometimes I annoy my wife, and sometimes she annoys me, nobody is perfect, but we settle this amicably and jokingly, for four years now I must say I have not regretted marrying my wife, she is a blessing to me, an underserved blessing if I must add. I also have two lovely daughters

How do you cope?

My dear, it’s not easy, those children can consume! I have two girls, Tamar and Tamara. They are lovely girls I must say.

How do you relax?

Well, I relax with my girls, we play and scatter the whole house, while we scatter the house, my wife is somewhere fixing it. I draw the line when it comes to my job, it’s business; when it comes to family, it’s family.

What’s the next thing in your career?

Well, I must say it’s better things and better things ahead. I must use this medium to appreciate my wife, it’s better things and better things ahead.

What is your advice for celebrities against divorce?

Well, I will say here that marriage again has to do with understanding. If the woman can be submissive and the man is loyal it will be a durable marriage. I have not heard that comedians are divorcing their spouses, look at Alibaba and his wife, look at Gandoki, look at Ay, they are all happily married.

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Does it suggest that you comedians joke a lot with your wives, is that the reason why the marriages last?

Well, I can’t actually say that. But what I can say is that we comedians actually understand the craft, when it comes to marriage. To apologize isn’t a crime and it hasn’t killed anybody. Marriage as an institution is different for different people so one should not try to apply what Mr. A did to Mr. B‘S marriage. Nobody encourages divorce, not even God, so it’s not acceptable, look at my parents they are still happily married, will I now be the one that will divorce? so it’s not possible neither is it acceptable.

“We Comedians Understand the Craft, when it Comes to Marriage”-Comedian, Shakara D
Shakara D 1st

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