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How to Cope with Toxic People in Workplace


How to Cope with Toxic People in Workplace

It is an established fact that humans are naturally tailored with different temperaments. It is pertinent to examine the different ways to deal with the varying temperaments you are likely to find in the work environment, at home, in church, or even in the bus. This beautiful write up is structured to help you remain sane in the face of so many insanities out there. In a work place for example, you will might find the Everly meek ones, on the other hand you can also find the very difficult ones, who are out there to radiate negative vibes all over the office and create unnecessary complexity and worst of all stress! Don’t worry, there are 4 key secrets to handle difficult people without necessarily going mad. Check them out!

Build the Mexican Wall

It’s important you create boundaries to toxic people around you, be it in the work place in the bus, or even in the church! The saying that overfamiliarity breeds contempt is not far from the truth here. You need to let whosoever is concerned know that it’s business, and in business no emotional sentiments or strings attached. If it’s over familiarity, cut it and keep it strictly business. Difficult people can act out irrationally, so don’t put yourself in a situation where you have to be trapped and become the person’s dump.

Be as calm as a midnight sea

Yes, always remain calm. Don’t let people bring out the demon in you. Yes, there is always a demon in every human being, some people’s own are fiercer than others. Remain calm even when there is a storm on the horizon. Because if you reduce yourself to the person’s petty level, then you are not far from pettiness yourself. Onlookers wouldn’t have the patience of asking who started it all, when two people are shouting, nobody, is actually communicating. So, hold your peace.

Make sure it’s not you

Wait!!! Make sure you are not the one radiating this negative vibe. Yes, you can actually note this, if you ask people around, it is easy to point the index finger at somebody forgetting that the thumb is pointing right back at you. If you are the one with the problem, the one who likes to create tension or chaos then fix it. Resolve whatever bottled up the problem you have and stop frustrating people around you. If it’s not you, then continue reading.

Live to fight tomorrow, don’t die today!

Don’t die in the fight or argument, most times the best thing to do is to just let things fly, leave the scene. Smart people select their fights intelligently, you must not come down to the level of that toxic person in your church, the person has nothing to lose, he is already in the mud, don’t let him drag you into it. Choose your battles wisely and only stand your ground when the time is right.

Ignore the person’s existence

This is certainly my best because just like the Central Bank, it is the lender of last resort. This is what you should do when all the other methods outlined earlier seem abortive. Get to your daily task, do the right thing, the thing you actually know is good before man and God, do it diligently don’t mind the negativity around. It will help your stress level, as it will relieve you of lots of stress, and in the long run, make you more productive. Now get down to these, practices them and you will see how you will be relieved of stress like a man that just dropped a 50 liter of water after a long trek.


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