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Coronavirus: China’s Medical Experts, Supplies Arrive Italy

by O. S David
Coronavirus: China's Medical Experts, Supplies Arrive Italy For Assistance-dailyfamily.ng

Coronavirus: China’s Medical Experts, Supplies Arrive Italy

Staff members move medical supplies to be sent to Italy for the prevention of the novel coronavirus, following the coronavirus outbreak, at a logistics center of the international airport in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China March 10, 2020 Coronavirus china virus health healthcare who world health organization disease deaths pandemic epidemic worries concerns Health virus contagious contagion viruses diseases disease lab laboratory doctor health dr nurse medical medicine drugs vaccines vaccinations inoculations technology testing test medicinal biotechnology biotech biology chemistry physics microscope research influenza flu cold common cold bug risk symptomes respiratory china iran italy europe asia america south america north washing hands wash hands coughs sneezes spread spreading precaution precautions health warning covid 19 cov SARS 2019ncov wuhan sarscow wuhanpneumonia  pneumonia outbreak patients unhealthy fatality mortality elderly old elder age serious death deathly deadly

Italy’s fight against coronavirus has received desperately needed doctors, supplies and equipment from China.

Soaring numbers of new coronavirus patients are putting the country’s health services under strain.

Health officials have described the outbreak as a “race against time”.
With Italy’s health system under severe pressure from the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak, help is being flown in from China.

Specialist doctors and medical equipment have landed in Italy ready to help tackle the sharp spike in people with the disease, which has overwhelmed medical facilities.

The doctors bring with them first-hand experience of dealing with the coronavirus, having previously helped to tackle the original outbreak in China’s Hubei province that killed more than 3,000 people. Tough quarantine measures have seen the rate of new cases in China dwindle, while in Europe the outbreak continues to spread.

“Our doctors don’t need anyone to teach them their job, but the Chinese doctors were the first [to treat the virus]and they can bring their experience,” Italian Minister Luigi DI Maio told RAI television.

More than 12,000 people have tested positive for the virus in Italy, and the number of new cases is increasing daily.


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