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Curly hair: Tips To Have A Better One

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Curly hair: Tips To Have A Better One
There are several types of curly hair (Hair 3B) and it is deceiving who thinks that care is always the same. There are several factors that classify curls and that can help in choosing a cut, buying shampoos, conditioners and creams.

In general, curly hair has less oil due to the S-shape, which makes it difficult to transport the oil from the root to the tips. The hair may look opaque if the treatment is not appropriate, but the luck of the curves is that from time to time the cosmetics market has launched a myriad of products suitable for all types of curls.

In addition to a number of cosmetics available in the market, more and more women have shared their experiences, tricks, and tips to democratize the curl and encourage others to take their snails.
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Type 3B is characterized by small, elastic, defined bunches, very similar to 3C, with the difference that they have less frizz and lift less easily, since the root is a little flatter.

Care Guide for Hair 3B
Like any type of hair, hair 3B requires care so that they are always beautiful and, above anything, healthy. Hair 3B requires more care than 3A, because it is more curly, which makes it difficult to penetrate nutrients in the hair. Beloware some few tips to help out.

Tutano: reactivates the blood circulation of the scalp and gives more strength to the new threads.

Shea butter: it is an oil extracted from a seed rich in vitamins D and E, essential for moisturizing and brightening the curls.

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Lanolin: softens the hair and seals the cuticles, which helps define the curls.

These components do their hair well, leaving their curls bright, defined and with incredible volume.

Try out this methods and let us know how your hair looks today.

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