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Dailyfamily Lifehack: Is Suicide the way out of Life Issues?

by Anjorin Dare

It is so disheartening to note that suicide is gradually becoming a norm in a polity where human life is held in high esteem. Many have resulted in taking their own life in order to relieve themselves of their challenges and issues of life when they feel all hope is lost. Is suicide truly the solution to end human problem?

More than ten cases of suicide have been recorded just in the space of one month in Nigeria, most recent among which is the case of Nigerian Disc Jockey, Seun Omogaji popularly known as Dj XGee who committed suicide by drinking sniper on the 2nd of January 2019. Speculations about why Dj XGee took his own life has been going around the fact that he had marital issues and that he couldn’t bear being alone anymore after his wife left him.

On December 7th, 2018 a frustrated woman was reported to have drunk sniper in a bid to end her life after a misunderstanding with her husband over infidelity in marriage and a quit notice given to them by their Landlord.

Three days before the above-woman incident, a 27-year-old final year student of UNILORIN Adigun Olawale Emmanuel killed himself over carrying over his project again.

According to reports, the final year student committed suicide after he was accused of plagiarism by his project supervisor as he claimed in a chat that he carried out the research by himself.

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He was said to have been depressed since Thursday 29th November 2018 as he locked himself up and reportedly drank a bottle of sniper pesticide to end his life afterward.

A similar incident happened on the 24th of December 2018 at Ahmadiyya, Ijaiye Ojokoro in Lagos, where a lady mixed sniper with a bottle of Teem (Soft drink) and drank it up because she was dumped by the boyfriend she was in love with.

The situation which would have led to a serious tragedy was averted by the neighbors of the young lady who rushed her to the hospital for treatment.

From the above-mentioned suicide trend, it could be deduced that sniper which is known as the most effective in driving away insects, including mosquitoes, cockroaches and more has suddenly become the commonest substance victims used to terminate their lives.

Wait a minute, before you also join the league, do you think taking your life is the solution to your problem? No, it would rather unleash you to another phase of eternal damnation! Or do you think you are the only one passing through that situation that makes you think of terminating your life? My dear, there are one million and one persons facing problems even tougher than yours.

The country is bad- accepted! Life itself is cruel. Depression lays siege on many hearts. If only you could hear about other people’s story, you will know that there are many scars that those smiling faces are covering.

Parents, Government, Religious institutes, Concerned NGOs, and other humanitarian bodies need to rise up against this abominable act before the younger generation sees it as an acceptable way of estranging oneself from life problems.




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