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8 Dangerous Consequences of Contacting Your Ex

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8 Dangerous Consequences of Contacting Your Ex
Not always maintaining friendship with an ex is a sign of sympathy. It can even be considered a social anomaly. Of course each case is unique, but trying to maintain a solid friendship can complicate the life of one or both. If friendship is not meant to resume the relationship, disastrous consequences may occur.

Considering situations experienced by people who have had their relationships broken, it is possible to observe some dangerous consequences that affect all involved.

1. The current relationship can be harmed
Constant conversations with the ex, dating or parenting encounters, exchanging messages and comments on social networks can leave the current partner concerned and jealous.

He can fantasize that there is still something between them and prefer to leave the scene.

2. Your current partner may feel underappreciated
In addition to jealousy and fear of losing to the ex, the partner’s self-esteem can get very low with everything that happens. Love can die slowly.

3. Friends in common create expectations for a return
They were saddened by the ending of the relationship, they always stated that they were a perfect couple and that the ending could not have happened.

They are very cheering for everything to come back as it was before, so as not to have to hear the complaints of one or the other and have to dislodge, after all, they are friends of the two. They can fantasize and create a false expectation of return.

4. Relatives create the same expectation
When realizing that the ex-couple talks often, especially when the ex is very loved by the relatives, the expectation of the resumption of relationship is great. This occurs among the children as well. They can promote family parties and always invite the ex to thus provide more opportunities for the two to be together.

5. Your ex is trying to conquer you again.

It is not uncommon for either party to accept the end of the relationship in a peaceful manner and to draw up a plan for the reconquest. Keeping the friendship with the ex in this way can be enslaved, because he can have another relationship and want to keep the first close, without risking losing the current or the previous. And if the current one also does not work, the former will be there, in love and waiting for a new opportunity with the ex.

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6. Friendship is better than the previous relationship
The person realizes that, by not having the commitments of the relationship, the ex becomes a great friend, begins to feel the lack of it, the conversations, the support, finally, falling in love may be the next step.

7. Dependency

Many times the relationship is maintained because the person still needs the ex. Financial resources, favors, feelings can get in the way of leaving the ex aside. Dependence causes people to develop low self-esteem, feel frustrated and afraid to face life. The sooner enough is given, the better it will be for the new life away from the ex.

8. Can not proceed
Life seems to have stagnated, the new relationship is not going well, everything seems confused and without progress. This may have happened because time has stopped in the friendship that is maintained with the ex. Leaving the past in its place only brings happiness.

Failing to talk to the ex, not complimenting or resolving issues about children should also be avoided. After all, a family was built and father and mother have equal responsibilities over their children.

It is possible to resolve all these issues without the need to maintain a friendship that is detrimental and has disastrous consequences in all relationships involved.

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