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Dating Categories We Have. Which Do You Fall Into?

by Family Center
Dating Categories We Have

Dating Categories We Have. Which Do You Fall Into?
Have you been in a relationship before? Or do you plan to go into one soonest? Well, I have noticed some few categories of dating we have. Why don’t you follow me along on that voyage.

1. Single.
This entails not been in any relationship. You are just alone and not with anyone. This stage never lasts for most people.

2. In a relationship.
This is the most lovely aspect of it, You enjoy the blossom of someone. You are dating someone at this category.

3. Complication.
When your relationship status is complicated, then dating here is having a problem. At this point, you are on the fence and don’t know where you fall into.

4. Part time
This set of people have an open agreement, they do not take this full time. They hardly see, maybe once or twice a week. They reject the normal dating norm.

5. Assistant lover
You are at this point an undercover lover or an assistant lover. The other person sees you as an official lover, but you just see the person at will, or when you have something romantic going down your sleeve.

6. Single and not searching
This is the permanent stage of single hood. Here, you are single for the rest of your life or a period of time. They are neither searching or willing to mingle. This state has a lot of benefits and opportunities to flex.

7. Taken
This stage, the person has already gotten a lover and not willing to look outside. This love has an ending union leading to marriage.

So which category do you fall into? Well, you now know your relationship status and just leave each category until you are married.

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