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Deadly secrets men keep away from their wives

by Abbey Lily
8 Reasons Your Spouse May Keep Secrets From You

Men have secrets just as any normal human being does but the alarming thing about some men is that they keep secrets from even their wives and she might never find out until probably when it is going to affect either her or the family.

There have been cases of men having secret accounts in their own name, building houses outside of their city of residence so that the wife will not have an inkling of it.

Here are deadly secrets men keep from their wives;


  1. Their Pay Slip

Some men find it so difficult to show their pay slips to their wives. A few men have never for once told their wives how much their salary is. They prefer to keep it in their drawer in the office than to bring it home.


  1. They hide their bank account details

This is also common to some men as they will never reveal the balance in their bank accounts to their wife.


  1. Building Projects

Some will start a building project without the knowledge of their wives until it has been completed. There was a case of a man sometimes ago who informed his siblings and parent but never told the wife until one of his sisters congratulated the wife for the new development. The woman was shocked to her marrows.


  1. Past Relationships

There is nothing wrong with having a past relationship but when you bring that ugly past into your present, it becomes a serious matter. Some men find themselves having affairs with a lady they once courted and they get deep into it without even telling the wife before it started. In the process, they shatter their homes. Too bad!

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  1. Sexual Weakness

There are some men that are aware of their sexual problems but would never reveal to their wives. Such men are the reasons why their wives find it difficult to conceive. Generally, men hate to reveal their weaknesses in any area and even their fears. They prefer to keep it as a secret.


  1. Family Matters

Some men don’t discuss family issues with their wives. When things are not going well with their extended family, they find it difficult to open up to their wives about it


  1. Their Phone Password

This particular secret has destroyed some families because in the heart of this phone password lies infidelity.


  1. ATM Card PIN

This is another top secret of some men and it is becoming rampant. They see it as forbidden for their wives to know the PINs of their ATM cards.

You must know that no single marriage can thrive on secrecy. Secrecy thrives where there is no trust, build solid trust in your marriage and be open before hidden things destroy the marriage

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