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Dear Parent 5 Steps for Your Child to Like Fruits

by Family Center

Dear Parent 5 Steps for Your Child to Like Fruits
Children are so accustomed to having all things bought already ready to consume that some of them can not even imagine how certain fruits are born.

Bullets, chocolates, snack foods, biscuits, and so many other processed foods take such an important place in fruit to feed the little ones, so much so that some of them are horrified to taste any fruit their parents put before them.

1. Take the children in an orchard in order to know how fruits are born and identify each fruit on their own foot. They will love having the opportunity to sample apple picked from the apple tree, for example, or to check how many species of grapes there are. They will marvel at seeing that some fruits are born on the ground while others can be born on the stem of the tree.

2. Invite the little ones to buy the fruits together at the grocery store. Ask for their help in choosing each one, let them touch and smell, and so approach them all.

3. Prepare a fruit salad together. Taking due care with the use of knives, ask the small ones to cut and join the fruits they bought before. Provide the small pieces together. Play with your eyes closed so they try to figure out which fruit is the one they will taste next. This will all make them well acquainted with the fruits.

4. Serve in different ways. Show them the possibilities in which they can be consumed. Look for recipes together. Consume with yogurt, with ice cream, some become jellies that accompany cakes (from time to time), others can be baked. The important thing is that they see that fruits can be part of your table in various and delicious ways.

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5. Always have fruit at home. Some children are lazy to peel or cut some fruit to eat, so whenever possible offer. Some you can even leave cut into closed jars inside the refrigerator, this greatly facilitates consumption for smaller children.

Remember, it is at this stage that they most need nutrients to grow healthy, and also at this stage, they tend to define the type of nutrition they will have in the future.

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