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Decorating Tips For Children’s Room: Cute and Fun Ideas

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Decorating tips for children’s room: cute and fun ideas
The rooms are the most personal and intimate rooms of the house, after all they serve as a place of rest and function almost as a refuge for their owners. Thinking about it, it is very important that the organization and the decoration of the environment reflect the habits, tastes and personality of the owner of the space.

When it comes to children’s room is no different. Although the child does not have well-defined preferences, it is essential that the room be comfortable, convey the child’s sense of security and bring references to the child’s attitudes and tastes. There are no fixed rules, but thinking about the feelings that the environment will convey is very important.

Another important point about decorating children’s rooms is breaking with the stereotypes: girl’s room decorated in pink and boy in blue. Again, the important thing is to create a harmonious, pleasant and useful environment where the child can play, sleep and spend moments with safety and tranquility.

Check out different techniques and ideas to creatively decorate your children’s bedroom, using furniture, colors and other decorative elements properly. In addition to the tips of interior designer Ana Lúcia Adriano on the subject.

According to Ana Lucia, the decoration of the children’s room should be done taking into account the child’s daily life and thinking about the taste and characteristics of it.

“The room should reflect the world of the child, be their place, where they play, receive their friends and study with peace and, at the same time, an organized place that facilitates the life of the mother at the time of the housekeeping,” he explains.

Here are some ideas to decorate your children’s bedroom and learn how to use each decorative element to create spaces that combine relaxation, utility and beauty.

1. Wall stickers and paintings
One of the simplest ways to complement the decor of a children’s room is to invest in wall stickers and the variety of styles and models is enormous.

In children’s bedrooms, some of the recurring options are cartoon stickers or movies of the child’s preference, illustrations with playful elements (balloons, trees, boats, maps, children, animals) and those that glow in the dark (planets, stars).

In addition to the stickers, adding color or prints on one of the wall also helps to decorate the environment. This can be done either through wall paintings, the combo ink + sticker or through the use of wallpapers.

The tip again is to invest in the playful elements and in paintings that do not occupy all the walls, so the environment does not get loaded.

2. Colorful furniture
It is very important to use colors in your favor and one way of doing this is inserted, without exaggeration, into strategic points such as furniture. A colorful furniture brings joy to the environment and can be the main point of the room and the base for the rest of the decoration.

The disadvantage of having a colored furniture is the shortening of the life of the furniture, as the child may get sick of the chosen color or disrupt changes in the decorative line of the room.

Today it is possible to buy directly from non-traditional color mobile stores, however the price is not always affordable. To save money, one tip is to invest in white furniture and then dye them the color of your preference.

3. Useful and fun furniture
“2 in 1” decorative elements are always a good request due to their greater utility. There are currently in the market beds in the form of cars, boats, bunk beds with sliding doors, suspended beds with cabins at the bottom.

If the furniture is useful and still bring fun to your child, both sides win out. Worth the investment!

4. Pictures and signs
Frames are always allies when it comes to filling walls and spaces as a whole. In the case of children’s rooms they also look good. Attention is required when choosing the image and where the frame will be placed.

With regard to the image, it is possible to add frames with illustrations of smooth trace and playful themes. Another option is the geometric print frames, which bring a modern touch to the environment, as well as typographic (formed by phrases). In addition, picture frames can also decorate and leave the atmosphere cozier.

Signs are an alternative to escape from the traditional, can be formed by paintings or wall stickers, decorative letters , lights, wires or String art.

5. Blackboard wall
The wall that imitates a blackboard is a very cool decorative option as it is accessible, easy to make, serves as a toy for the child and is still fully customizable. To achieve this effect just buy the matte enamel paint (which is easy to find) and apply over the desired area.

The wall-slab, in the case of children allergic to chalk, should be rethought and come with antiallergic chalk.

6. Niches and shelves
The niches and shelves are decorative items that serve as support for other elements of the decoration. In the rooms of the little ones, they bring a special charm to the environment, usually accompanied by toys, books, paintings and other decorative pieces.

The variety of formats is huge, just look for the one that fits the most idealized design and the measurements of the room.

7. Organizers
It is very important to invest in organizing elements so that the child learns from an early stage to be organized and so that the mother can easily keep the room in order. “Children need facilities for the learning of personal organization,” explains Ana Lucia.

As alternatives we have the stylized cachepôs (there are several options of materials, prints and colors in the market), baskets, organizers, chests, cabinets, dressers, shelves and other forms of storage. The tip is to bet on the visual of the organizing elements to integrate them to the decoration.

For convenience, storage can be categorized (one drawer for each type of toy) by means of a written identification or by the use of transparency (organizer boxes, transparent drawers).

8. Cushions and plush
If you have a decorative piece that is cheap and looks good in any environment, this is sure to be the cushion. The investment in cushions is very worthwhile, since they give comfort to the environment and are accompanied by the possibility to maintain the foam and to be able to change only the covers, increasing even more its cost-benefit.

In children’s bedrooms, in addition to the warm air, the cushions are used to decorate the bed. Nowadays, it is possible to find several cushion models that can be used in the rooms of the small ones: colored, with fun prints and even in different formats (pet, heart, cupcakes), which decorate and also serve as a toy for children.

Following the cushion line, another option that combines comfort, charm and fun are the plushies, which also feature a plethora of available models in order to please every kind of child. A good tip is to mix cushions and plush for a more modern effect, always emphasizing the harmony between the pieces.

Another very important point about this decorative option is to invest in hypoallergenic pieces to avoid the accumulation of mites, the multiplication of bacteria and fungi and the development of any allergy or respiratory disease.

9. Reading Corner
Encouraging reading is a theme directly related to childhood. For this reason, creating a reading corner that contains comic books, picture books and a comfortable reading space (puffs, chairs, coffee table, counters) is a legal way to facilitate the development of your child’s reading habit.

In addition to serving as a space for interaction between parents and children, where it is possible to read stories to amuse or calm children, or to follow the learning of reading them.

10. Fixtures and flasher
The luminaires also combine functionality and decorative power and so are great additions in the decoration of rooms. There are different models, types and shapes of lamp available for purchase, just choose the one that most matches the personality of the child and the room.

Another alternative to create a bright detail in the rooms is to use the flashers in the decoration, at the head of the bed, attached to the wall or on the border of pictures, on benches, among other suspended items.

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