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There Are Different Types Of Husband. Where Do You Fall?

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There Are Different Types Of Husband. Where Do You Fall?

Bisi And Yomi Adewale

There Are Different Types Of Husband. Where Do You Fall? What kind of husband are you? Are you a source of her joy or a reason for her blood pressure once you arrive? A careful analysis of the different kinds of husbands will give you a clearer picture of who you are:

1. Mister Husband. He is a sperm donor; husband only by name. He is neither reliable nor dependable. He is a runaway father. Although he is alive, his wife lives like a widow because he doesn’t care for his family. It is only when he has an erection that his manhood comes alive. He is lazy, stingy and wicked. He is a man without purpose, plans, vision, and goals. He is not a real man.

2. Master Husband. These kind of men are uncaring, dominating, unyielding, difficult and unbending. They are too big to be influenced by their wives; they are rulers, not lovers. They are emperors in their empire. They live like cattle rearers not like shepherds.

3. Megalomania Husband. Megalomania is the belief that you are extremely important or powerful and also try to control other people’s lives. Anybody who has this mindset is known as a megalomaniac. This kind of husband believes he is better, stronger and wiser than his wife. They don’t believe they have anything to learn from their wives. They are self-involved with a high level of pride, and “manly stubbornness”. He is always right, he can never be wrong. He can never say ‘sorry’ to his wife. He believes he is only to mentor his wife. His slogan is “Obey before complain”.

4. Matriarchal Husband. A matriarchal is a woman especially an older woman, who controls a family or a social group. A matriarchal society is controlled by a woman while the matriarchal husband is a husband who is controlled by his mother or his elder sister. He cannot do anything without consulting his mother. He is still tied to his mother’s apron in spite of his age.

5. Mammy Husband. These men are unfaithful to their wives. They follow anything in a skirt and get involved in all forms of sexual immoralities. They are immoral and ungodly.

6. Monster Husband. He is a wife beater and woman abuser. He is a terrible man, rigid, hard and wicked. He is a terrorist at home, his children know him as “OSAMA BIN DADDY”. He is a pain in the neck of his wife, terror to his children and feared by his family. His room is a ‘no go area’; it is the defense headquarter of the home. The man is the garrison commander and commander-in-chief of the family forces. To him, being difficult at home is a sign that you are in control of your house. He can’t play with his children or joke with his wife.

7. Minister Husband. He is a lover and friend to his wife. He is caring, tender, a listener and very kind. He is not just a roommate like a master-husband or a cell mate like a monster- husband. He is the soul mate to his loving wife. He can never KICK his wife, he will rather KISS. He will never EMBARRASS but EMBRACE her in private and in public. He is a promise keeper, always sticking to his promise to ever love, cherish and be faithful to his wife. He ministers to his family in every way and he is the best husband any woman can have.

What manner of the husband are you? If you are a mammy husband, mister, master, a megalomaniac, a matriarchal husband or a monster husband, you will definitely be resisted. A minister husband is an irresistible man.

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