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Director of finance slumps and dies

by Adenike Akindude

Director of finance slumps and dies

Mr. Abdulyekin Sanchi, the director of finance at the Ministry of Budget and National Planning, slumped and died while he was playing in Abuja during a badminton tournament on February 5th, 2018.

The director was rushed to a nearby hospital after he slumped and he was pronounced dead.

Mr. Abdulyekin Sanchi was the vice-president of Wembley Badminton Club. He was mourned greatly by members of the club.

The President of Wembley Badminton club, Mr. Terzungwe Uwua, said the director’s death came as a shock to the Wembley Badminton Club.

Mr. Terzungwe Uwua added: “His death came to us as a huge shock. He was a motivator to younger members and a gentleman to the core.

“As the vice president of the club, he dedicated resources and time to mentoring young badminton players.”

Mr. Abdulyekin Sanchi has been buried according to Islamic rites at his hometown, Sanchi-Zuru, Kebbi State.


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