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“Discover yourself, work on your potentials and develop it.” NGO founder advises young girls

by Family Center

Virtuous Girl Child Foundation (VGCF) is a foundation for both boys and girls but lays much emphasis on the girl child who tends to suffer more from the negative effects of pre-marital sex and its related acts.

The organization just concluded their Third Annual Conference, on November 22nd, 2017, at the Aduke Olaidibo Orphanage Home, in Ibadan Oyo state.


In an exclusive interview with Dailyfamily.ng the founder of the NGO, Mrs. Komolafe Funmilayo-Abiodun, said: Having someone who supports all your dreams and guides you through them, is the best decision anyone can make while choosing a life partner.

Can we meet you ma, by leading us to your background?

Am Komolafe Funmilayo-Abiodun
A native of Osun State. The first child of the only daughter of Mr. And Mrs. Samson Tunde Abiodun.

I had my primary education at George and Duke Elementary school, Ibadan Oyo state Nigeria. I attended Federal Government Girls’ College, Ipetumodu, Osun state. For my secondary school education.

I bagged a bachelor of science in Political Science at Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, and I decided to further my education at the University of Ibadan, Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies where I am currently running my Master’s degree program.

What is VGCF all about?

Virtuous Girl Child Foundation (VGCF) is a Non- governmental Organisation it was founded to advocating for the importance of sexual purity and morality in today’s decayed world.

We call ourselves “abstinence Icon” as we visit secondary school students and educate them on the subject sex.

VGCF, Founded on 8th October 2015, in the ancient city of Lokoja, where I had my one-year mandatory youth service.

We have successfully held conferences in Lokoja, and Ibadan in the past two years and we are about to make plans for our fourth conference which will hold in Lagos.

Our aim is to reach out to as many teenage boys and girls as possible to imparting into them and let them know the importance and possibilities of sexual purity in today’s world.

During our conferences, we also organized empowerment programs for them, as this will reduce their level of idleness and make them more Creative and more innovative.

How do you get idea or concept for your NGO?

I had known I will be a motivational speaker since my secondary school days, I remembered vividly my colleagues to tell me to study law at the university because they know how fluent I am while speaking.

I got the idea two years ago in Lokoja the Kogi state, where I had my one-year compulsory youth Service, I have longed to do something different and meaningful in Lokoja, then I had the idea of mobilizing teenagers, encouraging them, empowering them and advocating for them as well.

I knew well that I have tried as a teenager keeping myself and abstaining from premarital sex, I decided to give the message out to my younger generation, and to be honest, my service year was the best place and time to kick-start the idea.

I had the full support of my then fellow corp members and my bosses at the Kogi state government house which happens to be my Place of primary assignment.

What was the mission of your NGO?

To make known among the teenagers the importance and possibilities of sexual purity and morality in today’s decayed world

Do you get any support from the government or individuals?

No governmental support so far, but we have kind and well to do individuals who have been supporting us both in cash and in kind. Our just-concluded Third annual Conference was solely supported by a the Nigerian-United Kingdom-based organization.

Religious bodies and some organizations have been reaching out to us in cash, kind and even words of advice too.

Can you tell us about your love life?

I am a joyfully married woman, who recently tied the knot to my best man here on planet earth.

Can you tell us about your husband?

My darling husband in the name of Mr. Paul Komolafe is a native of Osun State, a lover of God and people.
A great and huge supporter of Virtuous Girl child Foundation.

Where did you meet your husband?

Through a friend of his, its a very long story o!

How do you combine career and family responsibilities?

Career and family responsibilities are two different things that should be operated on two different levels.
Like I said earlier, I just got married and so, honestly speaking I haven’t had much experience as such, but I really do have a strong belief that none will affect the other.

Being sure of the mutuality between yourself and your spouse, the great sense of understanding and responsibility, this makes the two less stressful.

Having someone who supports all your dreams and guides you through them, is the best decision anyone can make while choosing a life partner.

What are your challenges?

Challenges are bound to occur in any aspect of life, and this I think makes us stronger and more dedicated to whatever thing we are doing.

The challenges we have so far is finances. We have got loads of ideas and concepts but we are short of finances to kick start.

But we do not let this current issue weigh us down, we do our very best by tasking ourselves annually and getting fund from private individuals.

What do you think are responsible for high rate of rape in the society and how can it be curtailed?

Rape has been a very trivial issue over the years, but of recent, it has become the very order of the day whereby you hear a father raping his 2year old daughter.
Like I always say, the issue of rampant rape as child abuse has gone beyond human reasoning, its so devastating when hear/see how a 2-year-old baby girl was raped.
my question is always, what attracted the rapist to the raped if not the insanity of the highest order and unthinkable search for money, wealth or power, am sure know what am talking about here!

The only way I think it can be curbed/curtailed is punishing the criminals involved without bail, no matter how old the rapist might be, let them face the law!
And let our mothers be more vigilant and extremely careful of their both girl and boy child, the world is now a place where you sleep with one eye opened.
Together we can eradicate sexual abuse, harassment, and rape, let’s join hands together and save the teenagers of today who will be the leaders of the tomorrow which we already have now.

What is your advice to young girls out there?

To every young girl out there, please be positive and optimistic about what so ever thing u do.

Do not do what is wrong all because others are doing it.
I remember from my childhood, I had always wanted to be different, I had always wanted to break records positively and gain attention.
I refused to follow the wrong order of the day, and I can boldly say God gave me the best in every area of life.
Discover yourself, work on your potentials and develop it.
Preach what you practice is one thing I do tell my teammates.
In one word, if others can live life meaningfully without joining the bandwagon, you can and I can as well.
With God impossible is Nothing.

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