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7 Reasons to Stay on rather than Divorce Your Spouse

by Family Center
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I received a wedding invitation from a passionate couple, holding hands seated on the couch, and they seemed to be breathing in the same rhythm. With a beautiful smile on their lips and their eyes too, they announced: “let’s get married.” How I wish I had avoided thinking, but I could not, and a word came to my mind: “Poor things.”

7 Reasons to Stay on rather than Divorce Your Spouse

7 Reasons to Stay on rather than Divorce Your Spouse

At the moment what came to my mind was the party ends, the arrival of the honeymoon, the routine starting and with it the problems, the many problems, and difficulties that they would face. I wanted to protect them, I do not want them to suffer. I do not want the difficulties, I want the party never to end and never to return from the honeymoon.

But it was not possible, it happened to me, it happened or it will happen to you too. However, difficulties strengthen love, bring the couple closer. When I remembered all the good things that troubles brought to my marriage, I thought how strong that couple was, and just as it happened to me, they would choose to stay together for another day, and another day and another. Faced with this reflection, I find seven reasons to stay and not give up, do not hand over the points, after all, marriage is difficult, but a divorce may be even worse.

1. Married; you are happier
Evidently, happiness is more assured within marriage. From data collected, experts at the University of Michigan have concluded that long-term married couples are happier compared to single people.

2. Company in adversity
Think of a health problem that you have experienced. In a difficult situation if you were not your mate you would not do well. Well, your best friend, or friend, is by your side and will always be your companion, especially in times of conflict, you have to share with.

3. You are healthier
Your health thanks. Married people take better care of their health. Especially men. They live longer when they share life with a woman. Among the many reasons is the fact that the wife always reminds her to eat less, perform tests, and encourage her to seek a doctor.

4. He will arrange another
Life goes’ Round. The marriage is over, the “suffering” has passed and a new story will be written. Are you prepared to see your spouse with another? At this time, in most situations, the heart tightens and repentance comes. The “ifs”, “and if I …” begin to appear. Better not taste this taste.


5. Together you are richer.
A Canadian study by John Helliwell and Shawn Grover at the National Bureau of Economic Research found that the wealth of a couple is often four times more than a single person.

6. Your children will suffer less
Children are fruits of unity and love between the couple. They were entrusted to parents to be cared for and loved with the paternal and maternal reference routinely. They deserve to live with Mom and Dad together, plus the care they need. Together, the probability of not being assisted is much lower.

7. Active and healthy sex life
A survey conducted in 2010 by Indiana University found that 61% of the unmarried men interviewed had not had sex in the past twelve months, compared to only 18% of married couples. In addition to sexual and emotional health, the advantages of maintaining a single partner.

It’s worth the investment in keeping that smile on your lips and in your eyes, that gut and your breathing from the beginning!

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