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Do You Breastfeed Your Baby? Then 5 Things For You

by Family Center

Do You Breastfeed Your Baby? Then 5 Things For You
Well, breastfeeding is something that can be quite strenuous for mothers. For others, they have sort other alternatives to breastfeeding as they feel that can weaken their body physic, However, this are the reasons why you should do so.

1. She is good for the body in postpartum
During breastfeeding, oxytocin increases uterine contractions, stimulating the uterus to return to its normal size even after the great expansion it has undergone during pregnancy. Still, this hormone minimizes postpartum bleeding.

Prolactin, in turn, is a relaxation hormone that helps the mother deal with the stressful situations of the baby’s arrival, preventing postpartum depression and helping the mother to overcome it.

2. Breast milk changes during the day
Mothers know that milk composition changes according to diet, environment and time of day. Breastmilk produced at night, for example, contains more substances that help the baby to fall asleep.

This milk contains more melatonin, which helps the baby to develop its circadian cycle, getting faster at a wakefulness rhythm during the day and sleep at night.

In addition, the composition of milk also varies during breastfeeding itself. While the milk released at the beginning of the feed contains more activating substances of the immune system and gives less feeling of satiety, the end milk is richer in fats and calories, just to satisfy the baby’s appetite.

3. Breastfeeding is affected by cigarette smoking
One of the consequences of smoking is the decrease in prolactin production, which is reflected in reduced milk production compared to nonsmoking mothers. Nicotine, in turn, makes it difficult to get the milk out, making it impossible for the baby to feed.

Lastly, the cigarette decreases the amount of iodine in the milk, which can affect the delivery of this element to the baby.

4. It varies from woman to woman
Two women will never produce identical milks, although they may be equally nutritious. This is because production varies according to the time of day, food and environmental factors.

Still, some chronic diseases and continued consumption of medications during a woman’s life can affect milk production. So it’s important not to compare yourself to other women who have supposedly “better” milk than yours – you are yes doing your best.

5. Suction pump increases milk production
Using the suction pump to remove the milk and store it when the mother can not offer the breast for some reason helps increase production. The bomb imitates the suction of the baby and causes the body to release more milk, replacing the amount that was withdrawn.

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