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Do You Have This 6 Qualities As A Woman? Check Them Out

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Do You Have This 6 Qualities As A Woman? Check Them Out

As much as men complain about how women talk too much, the ease in expressing feelings and longings which often facilitates the resolution of some problems. When we women like an attitude or not, we say it right away, either with silence or with some insults, Well this is nothing serious, of course, andno feelings attached.

Most men, no matter how communicative, will keep everything to themselves. They do not express what they feel, what they like to do or demonstrate. Many of them are afraid to hurt us or have their manhood diminished.

As none of us have crystal ball, here are some tips on things they like and will never say

1) Respect
More than being respected by others, they like women who show respect. It seems silly, but unfortunately many relationships nowadays end because the man does not respect the woman, and vice versa. And you must be wondering how to show respect?

Listen to him. His thoughts and plans must, besides interest you, be heard and allow him be heard. Give him credit for thinking about the future of the two of you. When you do not like something he said or did, talk to him the way you would like him to talk to you.

Before treating him as a boyfriend or husband, treat him as a friend. We know that one of the main pillars of friendship is respect.

2) Companionship
They like women to go with them. Whether it’s to go to a bar or watch a movie. So when he says he’s leaving, ask if he would like you to join him, even if he did not invite you. Sometimes he does not invite you for fear of not listening.

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So be open to accompanying him and sharing experiences with him that you have never shared. Be his main company. Do not miss a chance to show that you like being close to him, regardless of whether it’s a candlelight dinner or a football game.

3) Support
Of course, you do not have to support all his bad attitudes. If he is doing something wrong, especially something that can hurt him, you can and should warn him.

If not, support it. Menlike to know that they can count on someone in good times and bad times. Have you ever heard that saying “behind a great man, there is always a great woman”? So let it be the woman who makes him feel capable of going beyond.

4) Admiration
If you think only women like to get a compliment, then you are very much mistaken. Men like it when we say they look cute, smelly, and even when we notice if they have cut their hair or shaved.

They like to hear a “congratulations” on an achievement in school or work, to be admired for being professionally growing. Of course, you should not say something simply to please him. But when you honestly demonstrate that you admire him, he will feel extremely flattered.

5) That you get ready for it
In the same way they want to be admired, they like to admire us. In fact, they like that we dress up for them. You know that dress you do not like so much, but does he say it looks beautiful on you? Why don’t you put it to dinner with him?

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Men like women to be tidy, but never too much. All the men today hate women who have too much makeup. So if you are in the habit of going out with the super-eye makeup or a strong lipstick, why not make a more natural make out with it?

I’m not telling you to give up your identity, and not to stop dressing or putting on makeup the way you like it. But just as we want them to do certain things to please us, we should also occasionally strive to please them.

6) Space
This may be the hardest thing to put into practice. It sounds like bullshit, but they like to have some time just for them. From having the opportunity to cool down the head after a hard day’s work, or even after a fight.

So if he asks you a time or says that you are not much in order to see you, do not insist. Respect his decision and give him the space he needs. Pressing him to do what you want, for fear of losing him, can be even worse.

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