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Do You Think You Have A Solid Marriage? Then Note This 8 Signs

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Do You Think You Have A Solid Marriage? Then Note This 8 Signs
Every good marriage has its ups and downs, but a lasting marriage has unique characteristics that involve a lot of respect and mutual love.

Most of these couples have special characteristics. Some relationship experts have chosen which of these details make a good marriage. See if your relationship is like this:

1. You respect one another, even when you disagree
Couples maintain a respectful tone of conversation even when they are arguing, avoiding scolding and scorn. If you can respect your partner even in the most difficult times, you will be able to bear anything.

2. You are not looking for someone just to make you happy
Do not think that only after marriage will you be truly happy, or that it is your partner’s duty to always make you happy. You are responsible for your happiness and balance in all areas of your life. Admittedly, having a person you love by your side helps you complete your own happiness.

3. You accept your partner and your imperfections
The truth is that you are not perfect nor your partner. But the good news is that in a good marriage no one is perfect but both know how to accept and live with these differences.

The wet towel on the bed, or the drawer that the partner leaves open may not change over time. The key is to appreciate all good things and find some form of peace even if you are not living in an ideal setting.

4. Can you talk about the most difficult issues
Communication is usually number one problem for couples. But you have a solid relationship if you can expose different points of view on difficult issues such as child rearing, religion, sex, or politics.

5. You have a good connection
With time and a good coexistence, the couples begin to understand each other through the look, they have codes and jokes that only they understand. And also in difficult times the partner is the first one you want to hold and feel by your side. This type of connection is very healthy and makes the relationship lasting.

6. You make the other feel valued
It’s very good when we have someone who vibrates with our achievements and cheers for our success, does not it? It is important to have a partner who is proud of who you are, your talents and really puts your self-esteem up there. A solid foundation for marriage does not rest on the intensity of love, but rather on whether the relationship does well for you.

Is there a sense of security, ease and comfort in the relationship? Does the person you want to raise your potential Rather than diminish? All these things strengthen the basis of your relationship.

7. Have a good relationship with your family
All marriages are unconsciously a marriage between two families. When the connection between families also works well, this helps the couple as it is great to see the people you love having a good relationship and supporting your marriage.

And it’s also good to be able to count on relatives in tense times when you need financial and emotional support.

8. You work very well together
It is no wonder that the couple is also called a “partner.” Whether it is at home, at work, taking care of children or planning for changes in life, the couple has to be in tune and work very well as a team. It does not mean they have no disagreements, it just means that they work being caring, respectful and loving.

I’m sure you have identified with many of these characteristics. If you want to have an even happier and more lasting marriage, work together to improve on other aspects mentioned here.

Article by Akinbode Toluleke check up Twitter on taakinbode

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