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Do You Want To Get Married? Then He has To Answer This 14 Questions

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Do You Want To Get Married? Then He has To Answer This 14 Questions
Marriage is wonderful, but it takes a lot of work to build a solid relationship that will evolve into a great relationship. There are a million things to think about when trying to choose a lifelong companion – so it’s so important to know where you’re getting into.

Having answers to these questions will help you work on your relationship, have a better understanding of each other and make sure that your needs and his or her needs are being met. Do you know the answers to these 14 questions?

1. Would you walk away from family and friends because of work?
It’s something many couples struggle against, especially if you live close to the family. Would she be willing to move away from family and friends to support him in his professional career? Make sure she would commit to it, before proposing marriage.

2. Do you want to have children? If yes, how many and when?
If you want 12 kids and your partner only two, this can be a big problem. Talking about this before getting married can help you avoid surprises later. When I had this conversation with my husband, we wanted the same number of children, but he wanted one after another. I Do not. We have reached a consensus. But it’s good to know that just in case it becomes a deterrent.

3. How did his family deal with tense situations?
See how it handles the conflict and whether that way would work for you. If his family started to fight and scream and his family would sit in a circle to discuss it until everything was perfect, you two will have to make adjustments. This may not be a deterrent, but must be resolved before “tying the knot.”

4. What is the most important part of a marriage?
By knowing the values and opinions of your partner, you will have a better understanding of what he expects of your marriage. In return, he will understand what you expect.

5. Is there anything you absolutely disagree with?
I will never have a dog with more than three pounds living in my house. I always told my husband that it’s something I will not compromise with. And it was good that I said that because he was planning to have a big Husky as a pet. Agreements can be big or small, but always try to know about what things he does not want to give up.

6. What is your health history?
Knowing your partner’s medical history is crucial. Even knowing that he is allergic can be very important – you may go through a situation where you need to know, but he is not there to tell you. Also, know your family’s medical history so you understand the risks your spouse will have in the future, including his family and future children (if the diseases are potentially heritable).

7. Are you or have you ever been addicted to pornography?
This is an embarrassing but very important conversation. If you or your partner is struggling with porn addiction or has struggled in the past, you need to tell each other. Successive studies show how pornography can kill relationships. It may be hard to hear, but you can learn to trust each other and work on that.

8. What is your language of love?
Take the Language of Love test at your next meeting to understand how your partner feels loved. My husband and I have opposing languages of love, but we do it right because we know how to make each other feel loved and valued.

9. How were you disciplined as a child?
You and your partner will probably find that the way you have been disciplined will be your way of disciplining your own children. Before getting married, try to reach an agreement or find another solution.

10. How involved do you want to be with my family?
If it is important for you to spend a lot of time with your family, try to let your partner know about it. To avoid tension, he must be willing to spend time with his in-laws.

11. How did you celebrate birthdays?
Some people celebrate birthdays in style, while others do not. Find out how birthdays were celebrated at his or her family home, so you do not get upset if you do not have an elaborate party with the right make it to your face.

12. Would you be willing to have a joint account?
Financial talks can be uncomfortable, but they are vital to a great marriage. Talk about how much money each one will enter and budget. If you feel comfortable transferring your savings to your partner or partner, you are probably in a great relationship.

13. What lifestyle do you want to lead?
Everyone grows up doing different things. I grew up going to Disney a few times a year while my husband had only gone twice. Thankfully he loves Disney now and we always go together.

Before you say what you want to do, find out how he or she wants to live life. It may be important for you to travel, but what is important to you? These are issues that can cause major problems later.

14. What does it mean to be in love/in love?
Ask your partner what love means to him. By your answer, you can already know if your relationship has the potential to evolve into a beautiful marriage.

Asking these questions and responding them shows genuine maturity and interest in your relationship. If some of your answers are worrisome, work together to make a commitment and resolve the differences. Your relationship will become stronger because of it.

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