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Don’t Look For A Wife If You Lack These 6 Qualities As A Man

by Kufre Ekpo
Marriage is not for kids but for two mature adults that know what they are really entering into. The following qualities are needed as a man before you start looking for a woman to call your wife.

#1. Sound Vision: As a man, you need to know exactly where you are going and how to get there. If you don’t know where you are going, how will somebody help you get there. As a man you need to get a good, sound vision for your life before looking for a wife.

#2. You have a good job/business: As a man, it is your responsibility to work hard and get paid for your services. If you can’t find a white collar job, create products and services that will bring in extra income. Don’t be a lazy man folding your hands and be waiting for a woman to come and rescue you. Look for a work before looking for a woman.

#3. Wisdom: Men are supposed to talk and exhibit wisdom in all they do. Wisdom shouldn’t be far away from the bosoms of men. The fear of God they say is that beginning of wisdom.

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#4. Patience: It takes a patient man to live with a woman because being a woman is a complex phenomenon. The women’s make up is quite different from that of men. It is the patience of the man that would turn a ferocious woman into a gentle lamb

#5. You should understand the needs of a woman: A woman naturally needs plenty of affection, honest communication, financial provision, faithfulness and commitment to the family, plenty of love and care to be happy and fulfilled in marriage. Can you meet these needs as a man? If not, don’t ever dare to get married.

#6. Self Control: Self control or self discipline is an invaluable quality of great men. The ability to control your erection, appetite, temper and flesh as a man is the hallmark of a great husband. Lack of self control is one of the leading cause of divorce worldwide.

Men, like I will always say are awesome beings and should strive to cultivate the above 6 qualities and watch women go completely crazy for them.

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