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Driver killed with belt in Lagos.

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Driver killed with belt in Lagos.
Austin Eromosele
Shocking details has emerged on how an Uber Driver in Lagos was killed. The  alleged suspects made known to the Lagos police gruesome revelations of how their victim was strangled to death with a belt.
According to the suspects, their aim was to take away the car and also to kill the victim.
After their successful operation, they later attempt selling the car after they made away with it, but got arrested in the process by the anti-kidnapping squad of the Lagos state police command.
Two of the suspects who posed as passengers to steal the Uber driver’s car killing him in the process were successfully arrested by the anti-kidnapping squad of the Lagos state police command.
Three men were involved in the horrific incidence that led to the strangling of the driver, known as Innevosa Emmanuel but one of the suspects is still at large.
The suspects’ mode of operation According to Vanguard was to request Uber rides with the intention of murdering the drivers and stealing their cars and reselling them to new prospective purchasers.
Before the deadly act, the suspects boarded the vehicle from Ikeja heading to Ogba, Oke-Ira but the driver was abruptly ordered to make a U-turn and head to Oremeji Street, Obawole Ogba environs.
It was there, the driver was choked with a belt by the robbers and the vehicle was driven away.
This is the confession of one of the suspects:
“I and Michael met at Ogba where I went to drink and we became friends. I told him how difficult things were for me that I needed to relocate to Benin to start all over again.
“It was at this point that Michael told me about a deal that could fetch me some money that we could get a car and then sell it to his boss.
“Michael then told me about one Alex (Emmanuel) who had a vehicle and we agreed to meet the following day.
“Since then we had been meeting and discussing how to buy the vehicle. On a fateful day, the Uber driver came, I was with Michael in his office and his friend Destiny was with him but I don’t know if he discussed the vehicle deal with Destiny.
“Around 9:30p.m, we called the Uber driver to come and pick us at Tantalizer eatery at Ogba. I and Destiny were inside the vehicle with the driver, but Michael was outside while I was holding the belt.
“Immediately I put the belt across the driver’s neck, Destiny dragged the belt and we strangled him. When we were satisfied that he was dead, we took his corpse to Oremeji Street and dumped him in front of a church around 10:30 p.m., without anybody noticing us. “After killing the driver, we took the vehicle to Michael’s boss to sell it. The buyer then inquired from us where we got the vehicle from and Michael told him that we killed the owner.
“The buyer then said we should take the car away and Michael said we should take it to his house and park it outside, before taking it to another buyer in Benin. “Later we were tracked to Benin, arrested and brought back to Lagos.”
The Lagos state commissioner of police, Mr. Fatai Owoseni who paraded the suspects, said the command had been briefed on a report relating to the missing Uber driver and his car.
He then said they successfully apprehended two of the suspects during the investigation. He said:
“The suspects posed as passengers strangled the Uber driver and dumped his remains at Ogba and the vehicle was taken to Delta State, where it was recovered and the suspects arrested.”
In the meantime, the police have warned Lagosians to be cautious in hiring house helps; security guards as fleeing Boko Haram terrorists were infiltrating cities through intelligence report.

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