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Easy DIY Leave-in Conditioner For Naturalistas

by Abbey Lily
Easy DIY Leave-in Conditioner For Naturalistas.dailyfamily.ng

It seems the era we are now is the season of many ladies turning their hairs to natural unrelaxed hair. To care for a natural hair can be overwhelming and a good hair care regimen is needed to enjoy the procedure.

Leave-in conditioner is a must use if you want to have a soft and silky easy-to-comb hair even after washing.

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You don’t need to break the bank to get a Leave-in conditioner but a simple Do-it-yourself (DIY) will save the day for you.

The secret Leave-in conditioner is OKRA, yes! The same one used as soup and yes it is very cheap to get in the market and accessible.

According to the owner of FreshDimez, okra makes the hair soft and easy to comb. Regular use will make your hair healthy and create great curl definitions. Surprisingly, it does not smell! In short, okra is a good solution to dry hair. Okra is rich in vitamins & minerals. Your hair will look healthy & shiny.

Okra is very rich in vitamins and minerals. It will give your hair a perfect curl, make the hair soft, easy to comb and it is also perfect for twist-out.
What you need are; a good quantity of okra, oil of your choice, water and an empty bottle.


* Cut okra into pieces, pour water into a pot and put the okra in and allow it to cook at low heat till it is soft. Don’t forget to add water as needed. Do not add salt, just water and okra. Let the cooking time be between 15-20 minutes

* Remove from the cooker and allow to cool off. Then, use a sift to separate the seed from the slime.

* Add oil to the slime and pour it in a bottle.

* Voila, your leave-in conditioner is ready for use. Just shake well whenever you want to use it.

To have a shiny, strong and curly hair, okra is the answer

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