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Effect of Climate change on the family Welfare

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Effect of Climate change on the family Welfare
Effect of Climate change on the family Welfare

Effect of Climate change on the family Welfare

The gradual warming up of the earth which is as a result of the growing trend of climate change and several hazardous elements released to the atmosphere has caused families more harm than anyone can ever believe.

Consideration for the family should come first in every climate or environmental decision governments of the world take. That is the more reason the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference of world leaders under the auspices of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change often meet to take drastic steps on controlling the numerous effect of climate change on the family Welfare and the setting aside funds to combat its effect.

A World health Organization (WHO) publication, published on the website of its Country Office of Bangladesh stated that; “Bangladesh is the most vulnerable country in the world to climate change as it is situated on the largest delta in the world, and two-thirds of the country is less than five metres above sea level”.

Alternatively, this means that relocation is inevitable and it often results in family members losing touch with what has been with them for a long time.

A changing climatic condition does have an effect on the health of the family as well. The Release of greenhouse gases which is one major cause of climatic change and substance like Carbon monoxide also is a major cause of respiratory diseases such as asthma, cough, and difficulty in breathing. Breathing carbon monoxide can cause headache vomiting dizziness, nausea and when it is continuously inhaled, it can eventually lead to untimely death.

The recurrent effect of climate change has sack lots of breadwinners from work and also caused low yield for farmers. The case of a heavy flood hitting a community and extending to farmlands can wash away farm yields, and eventually lead to a low supply of food items to the market. Farmers in a situation such as this also suffer the loss and have little or nothing else to feed their family.

Extreme weather conditions cannot be also overemphasized. In some countries where snow falls heavily, it will send school children out of class. Yes, It is one of the reasons why 11-year-old Avery McRae of Oregon US, sued the US government when the United States pulled out of the Paris climate change Agreement recently.


This is just to show how much the effect is even catching up with the Children. Climate change is a subject we all need to stay abreast with and consciously work towards mitigating its effect on the sustainability of our environment and likewise the lives of our children and the family at large.


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