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Empathy: 7 reasons why you care about her in your relationship

by Family Center

Empathy: 7 reasons why you care about her in your relationship
Can you find someone who looks exactly like you? With the same tastes, opinions, and ways of feeling? Most probably not.

Each person is unique in their way of being and because of this, it is not uncommon for questions to arise, clashes and real fights when we disagree with someone.

Nevertheless, in order to build a healthy and lasting relationship, it is necessary to feel truly connected to the partner, being able to put himself in his place and vice versa.

This ability to see the world through the eyes of another is called empathy. Here are 7 reasons why she is essential to your relationship. Tip: worth both, ok?

1. Turn the differences into union
It is normal for couples to argue from time to time, whether for really important reasons such as a home move or for absolutely momentary reasons, such as which series they will attend.

Whatever the reason for the quarrel, try to see the motives that the partner has and evaluate if you can give in this time – the same is true for him, okay?

2. The relationship should be a priority
As much as you have a busy routine and days are very busy, the relationship will not sustain itself without you devoting time and attention to each other.

At such times, empathy can help assess whether the couple is managing to connect in terms of need for attention and demonstrations of love.

3. Value the good side
Negative points should be discussed and worked on by the couple, but the relationship will be much happier if you value the good side of life for two.

Do not ignore the partner’s faults, but make it clear that you admire his qualities and are the first person to recognize them.

4. Practice compassion
Seeing the world through the eyes of another person will allow you to develop your compassion. When you connect to your partner and really understand your challenges and difficulties, it becomes easier to understand why he or she exhibits certain behavior.

5. Put yourself in the other’s shoes.
There is a saying that we should “walk a mile with someone else’s shoes before judging”, that is, to understand their attitudes, it is necessary to put themselves without their place.

Again, empathy is the key to mutual understanding between the couple, because only in this way can you understand the motivations and obstacles that exist in the partner’s life.

6. Empathy teaches you to have patience
By putting yourself in the other’s place, it is easier to control your temper, take a deep breath and count to 10 before you lose your temper.

After all, with empathy, you will be better able to understand your partner’s motives for acting that way.

7. Work out your shortcomings
Empathy does not mean that defects should be ignored. On the contrary: both you and the partner should take the time to work out their own shortcomings.

Try to look at your partner’s eyes and try to identify behaviors that might be different.

An important tip: Empathy is essential to a healthy relationship, but in no way do we want you to look for reasons to justify aggressive behavior. Violence against women is a crime and must be denounced.

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