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7 Things You Must Take Note before Employing a Maid

by Abbey Lily

7 Things to Note before Employing a Maid

7 Things to Note before Employing a Maid

-Odunayo Ajani

7 Things to Note before Employing a Maid

7 Things to Note before Employing a Maid

7 Things to Note before Employing a Maid

Over the years maids have been instrumental in offsetting the pressure of home management for their employer. At a point, it now becomes like a culture for you to see a maid in virtually any rich person(s) home you get to, but the fact is, their stay has been helpful in ensuring homemaking is been taken care of when their boss is the busy type.

Hiring a maid to stay with you or resume at your residence is a good idea, but there are certain things to be considered before you can hire one.

1. Consider a good Reference or Agency
In getting a maid, mostly in a developed society, you are meant to apply through a home keeping agency which basically looks into equipping and furnishing of homes with the skilled home keepers. These agencies are not just skilled to do this one work but have done it over and over continuously for a long time. But in the same vein, if you seek to get one from your friend or relations try to get one through the right reference. When you do you won’t actually be troubled or regret his or her coming.

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2. Get the ‘right’ maid
You should be careful when selecting your choice of a maid. Your unavailability at home as a wife might have an effect on your marriage. Some maid, for instance, can seduce with all manner of skimpy clothing and if care is not taken could take over your home completely. So in choosing a maid, choose right and be patient to study her well.

3. Ask Questions
Know where she is coming from. Know what is obtainable in her place of birth and if possible, let her tell you a few of her life history. Don’t feel as though everything is okay when you actually need to ask questions. Asking questions will go a long way in telling if you should go ahead to make her your choice of maid or not.

4 Faith
You have to take this into careful consideration too. Conflicts do arise on the account of religious affiliation and if it is not managed properly can ruin your once smooth relationship with your maid in just a night. It is usually good to have a maid that believe in your religion but even if that seems not to work why not hire that maid who won’t need to reside with you, then you can be less concern about her faith.

5. Accommodation
While hiring a maid, the accommodation has to be considered especially when she will be resident in your residence. Of course, you can’t ‘afford’ to get her a room outside your home. At times she might need to resume working as early as 4 am or 5 am, so making arrangement for her in your apartment might sound reasonable.

6. Place her on a Salary
This should be one of your first thought. Negotiate wisely with her how much she will like to take. Consider her location and strike a balance between that and what you have in mind for her.

The way we actually treat our maid is much more dependent on the way they will handle things that belong to us. Having a maid is good, but treating them like a human is another thing. To get the best of your maid, treat her with dignity and you will surely get the best from her.


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