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End To malaria in Nigerian Homes Coming Soon – Says Company

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End To malaria in Nigerian Homes Coming Soon – Says Company
Ojo Taiwo
In the mood of the celebration of the World Malaria Day, with the universal theme “End Malaria for Good.”
A company, Reckitt Benckiser (RB) Nigeria, makers of Mortein insecticide Brand in collaboration with states governments and the National Malaria Elimination Programm (NMEP) Abuja has promised to promote more actions for the elimination of malaria in Nigeria.
Activities to mark the day which was carried out in four states, including Abia, Abuja, Ogun, and Lagos is intended to be done through grass root community engagement, continued investment and sustained effort till the goal is attained.
The States Ministry of Health and Reckitt Benckiser carried out sanitation, free Malaria testing, and consultation in all the four States.
They also went round communities to sensitize and educate residents on the immense benefits of maintaining a clean environment as one of the cost-effective ways to decrease mosquitoes which are the major carriers of the malaria parasite.

General Manager, RB West Africa, Rahul Murgai while speaking at the press briefing in Abuja to commemorate the 2017 WMD, said the community engagement and collaborations are part of numerous consumer engagement activities by the company to stem the scourge of malaria in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

He further explains that their partnership with the state and the Federal government has revealed the company’s obligation to fight malaria and to attain a clean and healthy Nigeria.
similarly, the Marketing Director, RB West Africa, Leferink Aliza also explained that, through the grassroots community engagement, we educate communities on the importance of hygiene, and how the simple habit of maintaining clean surroundings and drainages can significantly help to reduce malaria.
According to Aliza, There are estimated 100million malaria cases with over 300,000 deaths per year in Nigeria, mostly among children under the age of five.
He said, “Malaria is preventable and we have made it our fight to educate on how to protect the most vulnerable – Pregnant women and children and their families against Malaria.”
Meanwhile, the Marketing Manager, RB West Africa, Bamigbaiye-Elatuyi Omotola stated that Mortein has been at the forefront of the fight against Malaria in Nigeria. “Our #OneActAgainstMalaria campaign has recently been deployed to bring the message closer by imploring everyone to do one preventive act towards the eradication of Malaria within their immediate environment.”
Minister of Health, Prof. Isaac Adewole, in his address at the Abuja event commended RB for its work and continuous support in the fight against malaria through its collaboration with the government.
Also, the Commissioners for health in Lagos, Ogun and Abia States also commended RB for teaming up with their respective State governments in the fight against malaria and also promise further commitment to work with the company to ensure total eradication of malaria in the country

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