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Evans Case: 7 Important Lessons to learn

by Abbey Lily
Evans Case: 7 Important Lessons to learn

Evans Case: 7 Important Lessons to learn

Evans Case: 7 Important Lessons to learn

-Odunayo Ajani

Evans Case: 7 Important Lessons to learn

Evans Case: 7 Important Lessons to learn

The case of Kingpin Kidnapper and Nnewi indigene, Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, popularly known as Evans is no more a news to everyone, most especially now that he is already fanning himself with his mouth. Life in all ramification has its own lessons to be learnt. To live a successful life, it is advised that men stay away from crime, illegitimate act and other dehumanizing attitudes that can tarnish one’s image in the twinkling of an eye.

Below are lessons to be learnt from Evans felonious act as researched from his criminal records and our constant reporting.
1. Material collections are time bound – They just never last for long. They are only suitable or needed at a  particular time. That you have the best set of bathing suit or probably the best cars money can buy is just for a while. It is nothing to really die to get. I wonder what Evans will be like, most especially now that he can make use of all is luxuries again. Someone should learn a lesson from this.

2. Missed opportunity in auto spare part business – The fact that everything went bad doesn’t mean everyone should pay for your ill-luck. Evans was formally an auto spare part dealer, had he stay put with this business of his, who knows, he wouldn’t have become the notorious criminal everyone home and abroad is searching for. That he faced some challenges with some dubious people today doesn’t literally makes that the end of te journey. Morals, when you ‘fall in a business’, you’ve got to rise all over again.

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3. ‘Blood money’ – Blood money comes with a headache, pains, stress and what have you. It comes with insomnia so much that the nightmares disturb the sound sleep you suppose to have. We can be very sure that ever since Evans give in for kidnapping, he has not been having a stable mind at all. The fact is just that, blood money never comes with peace. Chaos, trouble will just be the order of the day.

4. Blood Money comes with Greed – No ritualist or one who did blood money was ever satisfied with the little he made from it. Blood money will always want to increase more and more and that was what landed Evans into such billions he made from his adventurous times in the underworld. Criminals are never satisfied with a penny at hand.

5. Evil communication corrupt good manners – You must have heard this saying, and we are so sure you can easily relate it to situations around Evans. One way or the other Evans children will be reading about their father’s trouble now. One or two things must have been picked in the course of reading about him. And in the course of picking something, a special lesson is learnt either to consider some of what he did or even doing something more. Don’t forget, your children will do what you show them.

6. ‘Evans the Kidnapper top search on google’ – You never can imagine so great ill-fame Evans the kidnapper as brought Evans on google search. Everyone all across the world is just searching to know who Nigerians are shouting and why they are shouting about one Evans and in the course of this inquisitiveness, a Google search party launches into action. Here, you can see what crime can do to a man overnight.

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7. One day for the thief, another day for the owner- You see when one’s time is up, most especially for an individual in a criminal act, situations will cooperate with such person to make everything work out for him to be caught. Think of think of what brought Evans back to Nigeria and made him plan his proposed escape to South Africa only a day late.

Life is too simple to handle so hard like a rock. If Evans go down now, you can be so sure that he is going down alone. So why disturb yourself with what doesn’t have any tangible gain? While knowing what he had done, he even had to warn anyone still in the act of kidnapping to stop it. This is just some lessons from Evans ordeal, our hope is that someone will learn from this.


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