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“Every guy and girl that slides into your DM is not your spouse” -Richard Mofe Damijo

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"Every guy and girl that slides into your DM is not your spouse" -Richard Mofe Damijo.dailyfamily.ng

Award winning Nigerian actor and grandfather, Richard Mofe Damijo has preached the message of patience to his followers, calling on young people to be careful about every direct messages they get, saying not every guy or girl that messages one is such person’s spouse.

The actor cum politician said that “the thing about wanting something so bad is losing the sensibility and sensitivity to make the right choices”.

Stressing the place of God in any request man might want to make, he further highlighted that it is important to know that not every call there is, is the call one is waiting for.


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RMD just as he is popularly referred to, added.
“Every step is not the final one-Wait! Every guy/girl that slides into your DM is not your spouse-Wait! Every prayer does not get an instant answer-Wait!

Further explaining the virtue of patience, he made do with the analogy of an eagle’s flight into turbulent wind.

“The eagle does not jump into every wind, it waits till the right wind comes then it dives in, mounts up, spreads its wings and glides, No flapping-No struggling.

“Be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God and only seize the right opportunities so that effortlessly and seamlessly you will soar to your destiny. Wait on God and #elevatewithrmd

Towards the end of this motivational article by the Delta born actor he thanked his pastor, Pastor Sam Adeyemi who has made him discover God on a daily basis and then adding the final, short sentence.

“I am at peace”.

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