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Today, we are most privileged to have with us the family of Noah, they would be telling us about their marital experience, and I know we are going to learn alot from them. Let’s keep our gaze on our screen, even as we learn from the Noah family.

Dailyfamily: Good afternoon, we are most blessed to have you with us today, we like you all to introduce yourselves. Who will go first?

Mrs. Noah: Let my King go first.

Dailyfamily: That sounds hmmmm, OK sir, may we meet you?

Mr. Noah: Thank you my dream woman. I am Mr Noah, the man that built the ark sometimes ago, the man through which a lot of other descendants came from.

Dailyfamily: Wao!!! That’s interesting, may we meet you ma alongside with your sons?

Mrs. Noah: I am Mrs. Noah, the humble wife of this great man, that made it possible for my children and I to escape the destruction of the earth years ago. I must say at this point that my children and I are proud to call him father, because he always has feathers to carry us further in life. I have my all 3 Charming sons here with me, they are Ham, Shem and Japeth

Dailyfamily: Wao!!! I am really short of words, all that for your husband, he must really be a great man. Sir, I will like to ask you, we were told that you were the only holy man on earth at that period of time. Please sir, how did you make the choice of your wife? To me, I feel she must have also been one of those persons God was not pleased with as at then

Mr. Noah: Hmmmmmm… You are very correct, it was really difficult making a choice of a wife as all the women on earth then were not going the way of the Lord, and that gave me an issue. But one thing that attracted me to my wife was her submissive and teachable spirit. She was just ready to learn and hear other people’s opinions about what she was doing and that was one thing I needed to compliment me, every other thing became easier, as that was just like the key to other things

Dailyfamily: Hmmmmmm, I must say that’s profound, let me move to you ma, please, can you tell us what made you agree to the proposal of Mr. Noah, seeing that he was different from everybody around, am sure his way of life looked weird, as he was not doing what others were doing

Mrs. Noah: Yes!!! That’s very true, he seemed very weird to me and all, but that was exactly what swept me off my feet. As a lady, I really don’t like following the norms, I always want to do my thing in a different manner, not necessary pleasing to anyone, but myself, asides that, I like to acquire something about everything, and when he came and introduced his person and lifestyle to me, I fell in love with the change, and I decided to go with him, and I must say, from then till now, no regrets!!!

Dailyfamily: Wao!!! This is really exciting. Sir, my question goes to you, you know I wonder atimes that how were you able to convince your wife and children about the flood, owing to the fact nobody on the earth believed you, and such has never happened before since the earth was formed

Mr. Noah: #smiles, this is one question everyone do ask me, how did I convince my wife and children out of every other creature? The first thing I will like to say is, marry a woman/man that would believe in you, your dream and your God even if the whole world says NO. Remember my wife had relatives, I also had my relatives but none believed, thank God I married my dream woman. Believing her husband was something she has always been doing, so, when that came, it was really strange, but she still believed in my dreams.

Dailyfamily: Wao!!! I actually heard that, someone that believes in you, your dream and your God, even if the whole world says NO, that’s really profound. My next question is to you ma, but, how were you convinced??? How did you convince your children??? Did you doubt what your husband said at all???

Mrs. Noah: Hmmmmmm… I will be saying this for the first time since that incident happened, I really did not believe what my husband said about the flood, as it sounded strange to my ears, but I trusted Him. You know one thing I thank God for is my decision to marry my husband. Personally, I can’t marry a man that I can’t trust to be the driver of the future of my kids and I, if I didn’t trust him enough to do that without we hitting the wall at the end, though we might hit it mistakenly sometimes, but that hitting point must not be our stopping point. Over the years, my husband has proven to be a really trustworthy man, so, when he brought that up, although I doubted in my heart, I trusted him. Asides that, my husband is a good communicator, he knows how to drive a message precisely into my heart, he might not have mastered doing that to other people’s heart, but he perfectly understands me enough to communicate effectively to me, and every time, he communicates, I can’t but obey. Communicating to my children was the easiest, they have always known their man as a Father that can carry us all further, so they just believed

Dailyfamily: Waooooooooooo!!! This is great!!! Ma, I have another question for you, during those 40 days and 40 nights that you were all locked up in the ark, how was the experience??? Did you get bored at a point??? What was your activities????

Mrs. Noah: I am proud to say something at this point, I married a BALANCED husband. In fact, this man is a gift to my destiny. I can never forget the experiences of the ark, I wish we could have such experience over and over again, although not for the world to be destroyed. As I said earlier, my husband is a balanced man, he is not only spiritually sound, he is knowledgeable in every aspect, very social, very fashionable, very interesting, fun to be with and everything you can think of. We really had a swell time together, my husband is a man that can take my heart to anywhere I want to be and every point in time, no matter the aspect of life I want to be in. You know we have men all over the world that are not balanced, when they are spiritual, they are boring, and vice versa, most men can’t balance spirituality and other aspects of life. But seriously, I must confess, my husband is a man that balanced all without stress.

Dailyfamily: Hmmmmmm… This is really really profound. Let’s hear from Mr. Noah, what do you have to say about the ark experience???

Mr. Noah: I must say, the ark experience was really interesting, but I didn’t expect anything less, when I am married to a woman who wakes up every morning believing she made the best choice by making me her husband, the motivation I get from her is one reason why I move on everyday

Dailyfamily: Hmmm…, I must say, this is really interesting. Before we finally draw the curtain, I would like to hear from each of your children. Who will go first??? Shem???

Shem: #smiles… What do I have to say??? Okay!!! My parents were just the perfect example for my wife and I to build on, I know they sometimes disagree, but on a very serious note, I haven’t seen them once. I am really grateful for them.

Dailyfamily: Ham???

Ham: Wao!!! My dad is great, my mum is greater, together, they are the greatest!!! I learnt that ‘together’ thing from them

Dailyfamily: Japeth???

Japeth: Hmmmmmm… Mum and dad are the reason why I am still with my wife, I wonder how they were able yo be so much in love over 500 years of marriage, they are really a model to my wife and I

Dailyfamily: Wao!!! I am seriously impressed. On a very final note, any word of advice for this generation??? Mr. Noah would go first

Mr. Noah: Like I earlier said, don’t marry a lady that does not believe in you, your dreams and your God. Marry a lady that trust you enough to submit to you, outer characteristics can fade away, but a good heart is an eternal treasure. You are saddled as a man with a responsibility to find, make sure you choose YOUR BEST, Now, I did not say THE BEST, I said YOUR BEST! as THE BEST of the world might be YOUR own WORST and the WORST of the world might be YOUR own BEST. Happy choosing!!!

Dailyfamily: Profound!!! Mrs. Noah???

Mrs. Noah: My husband has said a lot, but let me add more, especially for ladies. Make sure you marry a man you can easily submit to, a man that you can easily trust to give your destiny, and you are sure you won’t end in a ditch. Also, don’t make your choice based on the present alone, as everything fades, make your choice peeping into the future of the individual. Most importantly, marry YOUR BEST!!!

Dailyfamily: Waooooooooo!!! It has really been a wonderful time with the Noah family, I have learnt a whole lot and am sure our readers have learnt alot from your marital relationship. Thank you so much for these words.

Readers, am sure you have learnt one or two things from this wonderful family, don’t be confused, it is actually the Noah in the Bible that you have read about. We would love to have your comments and questions after reading. Thank you so much!!!


Written by: Akinlusi Tolulope

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