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Experts point to 5 imprudence that are destroying your back

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Experts point to 5 imprudence that are destroying your back
Is there anything more limiting than a bad neck, pain in the lumbar or pain in any region of the back? Experts point out 5 common mistakes that cause from temporary pain to severe structural changes of the spine:

1. Poor use of smartphone and tablet

An article in The New York Times shows that, according to a study by physiotherapist Steve August, tilting the neck forward to use the cell phone is ruining the spine of people, especially teenagers. Doctors are identifying serious postural problems, seen only in the elderly.

The same applies to the use of the tablet, according to a article published in Harvard Medical School. “Your neck holds the top of your spine, which is a pile of small bones called cervical vertebrae. The researchers determined that holding a very low tablet on your lap can force these vertebrae and the muscles in your neck bend too far forward, Causing tension and even injuries of muscles, nerves, tendons, ligaments and discs of the spine.”

2. Inadequate posture when using your desktop computer

Very low monitor, too high keypad, curved body forward are some common mistakes that can seriously compromise your spine. This Medical Guidance site shows how careful you should be when sitting in front of the computer, especially for those who use it for several hours a day:

The monitor should be at the same height as the eyes, so that the head and neck are straight.

The back must be fully supported by the back of the chair.

The forearm and hands should be straight, with the elbow attached to the body.

The legs should be at an angle close to 90 ° and the feet fully supported on a surface (on the floor or on a bench).

3. Improper use of the notebook
According to an article published on The Guardian website, a survey of 1,000 adults in the UK showed that 79% of people who work with notebooks complain that this device is doing harm to their health. Despite the facilities they provide compared to desktop computers, the health of their users tends to be more impaired.

About using the notebook in bed, experts are unanimous in stating that there is no satisfactory position; One or the other part of the body is affected. But health can be spared through some adjustments when used on the lap or on the table.

4. Sleep in any position and anywhere
The worst sleeping position is the stomach, said the orthopedist Ivan Rocha in an interview with the Well Being program.

The doctor pointed out that this position impairs the rotation of the neck and can cause torticollis, lesions and inflammation. In addition, using deformed pillow and mattress for a considerable period of time causes poor posture and inflammation, in addition to aggravating spine problems that already exist.

5. Sedentary lifestyle

The sedentary lifestyle is one of the biggest villains of back pain. According to orthopedist, in a report, it was gathered that “most back pain is related to the lack of physical activity … With consistent physical exercises at each age, it is possible to prevent such pain”.

If you do not want to develop serious spinal problems, begin by correcting your posture in the situations mentioned above, including walking, sitting, and squatting. Insert physical exercises into your routine. But if the damage has already been done, seek an orthopedist or rheumatologist. He will evaluate your case and indicate the best treatment. Depending on the case, a chiropractor may also help.

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