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Facts About Coconut Which Everybody Need To Know

by Oba Samuel
Facts About Coconut Which Everybody Need To Know

Facts About Coconut Which Everybody Need To Know

Coconut is one of the wonders of nature. Coconut is a tree that belongs to the Arecaceae family.Every parts of coconut is useful to mankind. Coconut tree can live up to 100 years old. Facts About Coconut Which Everybody Need To Know

1.Botanical name for coconut:Cocos nucifera

  1. The name coconut is got from the Spanish word ‘cocos’ which literally means grinning look.

3.Every part of coconut tree are useful that is why they call it versatile tree. Facts About Coconut Which Everybody Need To Know

4.Coconut trees are commonly found in tropical areas.

5.Coconut trees grow up to thirty meters but there are dwarf types too.Facts About Coconut Which Everybody Need To Know

6.Coconut tree does not have branches.It has a single and sturdy trunk.

7.It has a lifetime of 75-100 years,

8.It may take 4-5 years to bring their first produce and some varieties can be longer.

9.There are over 150 species of coconuts that can be found in 80 different countries in  the world.

10.The leaves of a coconut tree is 13-20 inches long pinnate leaves.The shape of its leaves is lanceolate shape with 24-35 inches in length

11.Coconut tree has strong fibrous root.

12.Rarely coconut tree can produce 75 fruits per year but  more often,coconut tree produces 30 fruits each year.

13.Coconut has 3.2 pounds of weight once ripe. coconut tree

14.61 Million  tons of coconut are produced worldwide. Facts About Coconut Which Everybody Need To Know

15.Some parts of the world train monkeys to harvest coconut.

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16.Coconut fruits is comprises of flesh and coconut water.

  1. Coconut Water Can Be Used as a Substitute for Blood Plasma

18.The ‘’meat’’ of coconut is high in protein. Facts About Coconut Which Everybody Need To Know

19.Coconut is used for cosmetic purposes

20.It is also use as a mosquito repellent

21Sap extracted from the closed flower is used for the production of alcoholic beverage called “coconut vodka”

  1. Coconut water is a very refreshing drink to beat tropical summer thirst and aid in digestion and metabolism.

23,Coconut water showed significant anti-ageing, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-thrombotic effects.

  1. Coconut oil extracted from the dry kernel (copra) is an excellent emollient agent. It is used in cooking, applied over scalp as hair nourishment, employed in pharmacy and medicines.

25, The kernel is an excellent source of minerals such as copper, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc.

  1. It is also a very good source of B-complex vitamins such as folates, riboflavin, niacin, thiamin, and pyridoxine. These vitamins are essential in the sense that body requires them from external sources to replenish.
  2. Coconut meat and water contain a good amount of potassium. 100 g of fresh meat contains 356 mg or 7.5% of daily required levels of potassium.
  3. Coconuts help to reduce fat, increase energy, promote thyroid functions, remove fatigue of diabetes patients, improve digestion, remove wrinkles, reduce cholesterol and protect the body against diseases.
  4. Wooden parts of coconut are used for making furniture,decorative object,canoes,drums and containers.
  5. The hard shells of coconut. Husk and shell are discarded as waste after extraction of the fruit. They are used as fuel and source of charcoal. Coconut oil is used as a substitute for diesel fuel.
  6. Coconut oil is used for cooking, fuel and as ingredient in soaps.
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