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Families in the oldie: 7 Unforgotten Household items you were proud you had

by Family Center
Families in the oldie: 7 Unforgotten Household items you are proud you had

If you are old enough, then you must have seen some of these household items.

If you happen to be born back in the 50s of late 70s or even in the 90s then you must have come by some of these house ‘old’ gadgets. You will remember then that any family with some of them are often referred to as the rich ones.

In those days, there is usually that great excitement amongst children whose father just purchased theirs.

Having our eyes again on these items brings back the memory of the past. Back in those days, you can be fully assured that any household you see any of these items are a bit above the average level. At least you know they are in control of some good amount of money.

If you’ve never seen any of these 7 items before, then it is definite, you were born in the millennium.

  1. Black and White TV

You never had real fun back in the late 70s (or maybe earlier) if you didn’t watch this Television. Fathers themselves will bear us witness that the joy of their children sprouts up higher when daddy comes home with this TV set.  Families with a black and white TV set seems to be the envy of their friends as friends will always troop to your place to watch their favourite soaps. It is one of those important household items with which you watch those popular TV programs such as the Network news, Jacob and Papa Lolo and the most popular Baba Sala play.


  1. Double-faced Glass Stove

If your parent doesn’t have this stove back then, then you might probably be cooking with fire wood or charcoal. This is that glass stove (which precedes today’s, double faced gas cooker) which had its popularity in the early 80s. It is the joy of every mother that their cooking comes easy and really it eased the stress of burning wood in those days for cooking.


  1. Charcoal Iron

Charcoal iron

You will never pray to use this kind of iron again in your life. It is one appliance that is a bit heavy to lift. This charcoal iron like its general name implies is powered for ironing clothes by adding charcoal to the upper lid. To use it, you’ve got to add some charcoal to the upper lid, make it read hot then forcefully press the iron on the surface of your cloth. The greatest punishments this iron often mete on its user are the force applied to use and the stain it gives the cloth. But truth be told, it was very productive when you need to iron quick.


  1. Insecticide Sprayer

We will never get this right to you until we call it its nickname name, ‘Fneat’. This Insecticide sprayer came foremost before your famous Baygon, Mobil, Raid and Mortein insecticide. In fact the oldie ‘fneat’ can be referred to as an ancestor to these new generation insecticides.


  1. Radio set

Children these days may not know the hustles some elders and some youngsters back then had gone through. This radio set seems to be one of those great desires of bachelors. This radio set gained its prominence in Nigeria in the 80s. The father of the author writing this piece said listeners often will tune to a station and press play and record button together so as to download their favourite song. This was mostly done back then in order to keep listening to such song afterwards. There wasn’t any website to download from back then, but you had to go through this rigorous process of pressing those two buttons on top of the radio set.


  1. Peugeot 404 car

You have a super wealthy father if your dad had this car. It is one of those foremost delights of senior citizens, wealthy merchants and politicians. It got its prominence back in the 60s.


  1. Old Switch

If you are still using this switch at home, then it means you haven’t forgotten your humble days of little beginning.

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