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Family fun at Ogbunike Resort, Cave in Anambra

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Family fun at Ogbunike Resort, Cave in Anambra

When you need to travel down to the missing path of the ancient culture of the south-eastern Nigeria, where you get a feel natural ecstasy of nature, then thinking Ogbunike cave for your family fun can be one good idea for you.

Located in Africa, in Nigeria and in the south eastern state of Anambra, Ogbunike resort is another awesome resort with nature untamed for families.

Over the years, it has been a delight that has awe families, travelers and of most importance, tourist. Your sightseeing experience in Nigeria is never complete if you fail to take a travel trip to Ogbunike cave in Anambra.

It not just has features of mountain structures, streams alone, but the beautiful natural architectural feel of the cave is one awesome wonder to behold in itself.

Specifically located in a valley canopied by tropical rain forest, the collection of various caves has been in use for centuries by local people for whom it seems to have more spiritual significance.

Having sensed the good tourist excitement the Ogbunike cave will bring, the Anambra state government had constructed a lengthy walkway made up of over 317 steps in the mid-90s.

Travelling down to see the wonders at Ogbunike cave comes with a feel of anticipatory excitement that can best be explained by visitors or tourist who already caught a glimpse of simple images of the beautiful natural cave on the internet. Though due to the spiritual connection of the native people of Ogbunike, there have been several connections to the Ogbunike cave.

At a point when you travel down the Ogbunike cave, and upon getting to the entrance, it has been a tradition for tourist to remove their shoes while women experiencing their monthly flows may not be permitted in there.

One thing you never can be short of on your visit to Ogunike cave are the streams and body of water at various places. A stream flows out from one of the tunnels into a rapidly flowing river called River Nkissa. There at the meeting point of the river and the stream, one can feel the warm water from the caves and the cold river water. Beside this portion of the river, is also a tableland of about 5 X 5 square meters used as a relaxation spot by visitors to the caves.

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