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Family in great grief as Toddler falls off Storey building in England

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Family in great grief as Toddler falls off Storey building in England -dailyfamily.ng

A 21-month-old boy named Jayden Beckett had climbed onto the toilet seat in the bathroom, held onto the window sill and fell off with his head hitting the ground in Earley, near Reading, Berkshire England.

The incident which led to the death of little Jayden has caused the whole family great grief.

It was gathered that the child’s father, Jay was outside the family home, smoking a cigarette when he saw his son fall off.

Report says the little toddler had ran away from his mother at bedtime before the ugly incident took place.

While the boy’s fall was noticed he was immediately taken to the nearby Royal Berkshire Hospital. However, on the journey the child stopped breathing. He was later transferred to a specialist hospital where he was put on life support but when he showed no signs of improving from a serious traumatic brain injury he was taken off the life-support machine.

Jayden’s father, Jay Beckett speaking about the traumatic fall of his son said.

“I saw him strike the floor head-first. I screamed out for Stephanie and took him to the car,” said Mr Beckett in his statement”.

Responding to the incident as well, Jayden’s mother, Stephanie, also said.

“We went to bed but Jayden ran off for a few minutes. I thought he had gone to see my sister who lives with us, which he often does, to postpone going to bed.

“I assumed he’d come back by himself or she would bring him back. Then I heard Jay shout upstairs to the effect Jayden has fallen out of the window.”

Speaking to police officers on the investigating the death of the young toddler, Stephanie further added.

Mrs Beckett told the officer: “I held him in the front seat of the car. I was talking to the ambulance as we were driving. They told us to pull over. I had done CPR at work so I administered the compressions while the ambulance arrived.”

Jayden was transferred to the specialist head injury unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, suffering from a bleed on the brain and a severe traumatic brain injury. However he was taken off the life support machine three days later and died on April 15.

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