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“Family is like water”-Reno Omokri Gives Shocking Revelation

by Adenike Akindude
Reno Omokri Reveals Shocking Reason Why You Must Call Your Spouse ‘Honey’.dailyfamily.ng

“Family is like water”-Reno Omokri Gives Shocking Revelation

Nigerian Author, Reno Omokri has made a shocking revelation about the importance of family to any individual as he compares family to water.

Family is like water.dailyfamily.ng

Reno Omokri

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Reno Omokri made it clear in the nugget he shared on January 17, 2019, that just as no one can do without water so no one can do without his or her family.

He explained in his post that family relationships have both positive and negative aspects but the negativities are temporary as a person just need to bear with them for a while.

Reno Omokri wrote:

“If you stop drinking water because you dont like urinating, it is you who suffers, not water. If you stop relating with your family because you dont like what they did to you, it is you who will suffer. Family is like water. They quench thirst, but can cause urination. They are like your fingernails. Sometimes they can scratch you, but you don’t permanently remove them because of that temporary inconvenience #RenosNuggets”

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