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#FamilyKitchen: See How to Prepare Baked Jollof Rice

by Adenike Akindude
#FamilyKitchen: See How to Prepare Baked Jollof Rice.dailyfamily.ng

#FamilyKitchen: See How to Prepare Baked Jollof Rice

This weekend, dailyfamily.ng presents to you another variety of the Nigerian jollof rice which is called the baked jollof rice.

#FamilyKitchen: See How to Prepare Baked Jollof Rice.dailyfamily.ng

jollof rice

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Your baked jollof rice is easy to prepare and have a special taste which can make your family enjoy jollof rice in a different way this weekend.

Here are the ingredients needed:




•Salt to taste, Thyme, Curry

•Black pepper, White pepper

•Freshly grated nutmeg, Bay leaves

•Tomato paste


•Sunflower or coconut oil

• Fresh tomatoes, Red bell peppers(seeded), Habanero peppers or ata-rodo


•Garlic cloves (grated), Freshly grated ginger

•Hot meat stock or hot water

You can use the following to garnish when it’s done

•1 sliced tomatoes (you may use about 6 roughly sliced cherry tomatoes)

•1 small onion(sliced)

A hand full of peas

Cooking Procedure:

*Wash rice thoroughly and drain

*Blend fresh tomatoes, Pepper and Onion, together. You can boil afterwards to dry up liquid.

*Pre-heat oven 350 degrees

*Put a knob of butter into a clean cooking pot and then add oil, chop onions and pour into heated oil, fry the onion until it becomes translucent.

*Add curry, bay leaves, add tomato paste and fry until paste look dark and dry

*Add the blended tomato, pepper and onion, pour in grated garlic. You can season it with some black pepper or bouillon and white pepper. Fry well until the mixture becomes dry and oil surfaces.

*Remove the pot from heat and pour in the raw rice that has been washed making sure the mixture covers the whole grain of rice.

*Add meat stock, seasonings then cover with foil and make sure the lid is tight. Put the pot in the oven with the 350 degrees heat.

*The heat of the oven should now be increased to 375, allow it to cook while covered for the next 20 minutes. Check if done, if not cover back tightly and return to the oven but if there is need to add water, add 1/3 cup of water so as to achieve dryness.

*Add garnishes when your jollof rice and allow to steam for about ten minutes.

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